May he turned ’21’ on the base at Fort Bliss “Just a day” he said down to the flask in his fist, “Ain’t been sober, since maybe October of last year.”

Here in town you can tell he’s been down for a while/But, my God, it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles/Wanna hold him. Maybe I’ll just sing about it.

-Anna Nalick

Well kids, it’s day 21 and to be honest, today has been kind of…err… subdued. I won’t explain why, but if you are reading this from facebook and wish to read yesterday’s passworded entry, shoot me a message there on fb and I’ll give you the password. And really… the password was just a precaution. It’s highly unlikely that anybody in my family would run across this blog anyway, but I thought just in case, I would password yesterday’s entry, to avoid any conflict.

I’ve learned one thing about blogging, and it’s… be careful who you talk about, or at least who you name.  I find it works much better to be somewhat vague… vague enough so that if the person in question ever reads this, they can’t flat out accuse me of talking about them.

Anyway, we were discussing my day. As I said, not much went on really. I went through some of my things in my room, and in my rubbermaid containers in the basement, and I came up with two bags of stuff to give away. Some are cassette tapes I never listen to, there was a pair of sweatpants I will probably never wear again, even if they fit me, and some of my beanie babies. I still have all the bears that I so enthusiastically collected for several years, but some of the others…

My reasoning was… All these are doing is sitting in the basement, taking up space and collecting dust. If I donate these to the second hand store… mothers might buy them for their kids, and kids will actually play with these. Get them dirty. Rip the tags off. Love them like a kid loves a stuffed toy. You know? They’re not doing anything for me, whereas a kid may actually enjoy the fact that said toys exist.

I still have a lot of shit I should go through. I’ve been thinking, in the last day or two. I’m not always going to live here. When that day comes where I move out, or am kicked out, I’m going to have a rather large volume of stuff that will suddenly need to be moved someplace. Even if I get an apartment, I can’t imagine I’ll be in a big apartment, so I literally won’t have room for all my stuff. I already barely have room for the massive amount of shit I have.

Also, during my time I’ve accumulated a lot of paper stuff. Old notebooks. Stuff I printed off the computers when I was in high school. Old art. Things of that nature. Eventually, I’ll need to go through all of those and decide what I can part with, taking pictures of the stuff I want a record of.

Still. Coming up with two whole bags of stuff to give away, I was proud of myself for that. I can be quite the pack rat, keeping something simply because I’m worried I’ll want it and miss it later if I get rid of it.

Really, I can’t think of anything else important that I did today, short of doing some dishes. I watched the SAG awards, which was pretty amusing. I loved almost all of the dresses, but I still wish the men would wear something other than fucking boring old black suits. Same old same old. Mickey Rourke should go to every single awards show whether or not he has anything to do with it, simply because HE WEARS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. He doesn’t dress like all the other guys, and I like that.

But anyway. Onward with the food bit. Forgive me for being lazy and forgoing the bulleted list today.

Breakfast- A cinnamon raisin bagel, with cream cheese.
Lunch-A soft shell taco and some taco chips
Dinner- A really awesome sandwich, with my homemade barbecue sauce spread on the bread. I sliced half a small roma tomato (I think that’s what it was, I can’t remember), and a section of a particularly large green pepper, and put that on the sandwich with thin sliced turkey, and a slice of cheese. I also had some taco chips with that.

In addition to meals, I had a few gummy bears, some licorice, like half a cup of coconut sorbet, and a small bowl of popcorn. So, not bad.

Well kids, that’s about it for today’s entry. Starting tomorrow, I plan on going back to being more exacting in my recording of food, and I’ll be keeping up with listing all the food I ate in a nice bulleted list, either at the beginning or the end of the entry. I like it being at the end, but perhaps I could put it at the beginning, so those who are only interested in the food part may skip the rest of my babbling. But if I put it at the end, they’ll read my whole blog. Lol. I’ll decide that later.

See ya.


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