And yes i’ve been bad, Doctor won’t you do with me what you can? You see, I think about it all the time; “Twenty four” seven

-George Michael

Well ladies and germs, we’ve hit day 24, and once again… I have no pictures of my meals. I don’t know if I’m going to keep up with the picture taking thing actually. I don’t like posting pictures that are just pictures. I like when they look good or have some aesthetic value. And, let’s be honest. The every day person’s food is not that photogenic. I’m not a gourmet chef, dude.

Speaking of chef, I believe yesterday I promised you a picture of a pineapple upside down cake I made. I made another one today with pineapple and banana, but the picture you’re about to see is the first one I made, with just pineapple.

Ta da!

I tried taking pictures of the one I made today, but they all looked like shit. I’ve been taking shit pictures lately.

Well, in a surprising (PSHT! Yeah right) case of deja vu, I didn’t do much of anything today. I mean it. This bullshit weather is effectively turning me into a shut in. The school mom works at cancelled again today. They hadn’t had a snow day all winter, and then poof, two of them in a row.

Although… I did venture out to Fareway, and dollar general with mom. We needed a bunch of stuff. We were out of flour, and sugar. And other necessary things of that nature. I myself bought a 2 liter of dr pepper and a package of watermelon bubble gum with the $2.50 in valentine’s treat money my grandma gives me (and my brother, and my two cousins) every year. Don’t look at me like that. I have been craving bubble gum for ages. 😛

The only thing of interest we got at dollar general were some circus peanuts. I had been craving those since lastnight when my brother was bragging about having some.

Speaking of my brother, his birthday was the first of February, but he’s coming home this Friday night and staying the weekend, and it’s basically when we’re celebrating his birthday.

ANYWAY. I want to hurry up and get this submitted before midnight, so here goes with the food business.

Breakfast- Bagel with cream cheese. We’re almost out of cream cheese. Boooo

Lunch- For lunch, we had this Mediterranean noodle stuff, that came out of one of those frozen meal in a bag thingers.  It was really tasty.

Dinner- A sandwich with the last of the thin sliced turkey, with some tomato, some cheese, and pickles. And some mayo on the bread. Lol. I also had a few exotic veggie chips.

The food that I ate that didn’t fit into these categories were some circus peanuts and two twizzler pull n peel thingers.



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