“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” [day 26]

-Oscar Wilde

It’s day 26. I couldn’t find a decent quote or song lyrics, so I just picked a funny one.

I was awoken quite early this morning by my parents talking, and my dad’s stupid instrumental music that he listens to. The parents thing… it’s not so much the volume, it’s, if I’m awake, I start to listen to what they’re saying, and then I start thinking, then I’m just awake.

“Close the door, then, Melody! That would help!”

Except that my room does not have a door. It has a light blocking curtain on it, which is great for light blocking but does not work as such for sound. Plus, there’s a vent in my floor that lets out above the study, so I get sound through that too.

So, being up earlier than normal makes the day seem a lot longer. I know it is, technically, but it makes it feel weirdly longer. Longer than just an hour or two longer, which is all it is. LOL.

Anyway. This morning around 10 dad and I went to fareway to pick up some things for this weekend, which is my brother’s birthday celebration even though his birthday was on the 1st. Made his cake today, decorated it, and severely overestimated my ability to write with a tube of icing, but it works. Lol. I don’t do so well in mediums that don’t allow for erasing.

I did the normal stuff I do, like dishes and stuff. There’s some laundry in the drier that I probably won’t attend to until tomorrow, because I’m kind of tired and lazy. I’m not used to getting up before 8am…

But yeah. My day was not unlike all the other days this week. If you were coming to this blog hoping for something fresh, different, and exciting, I’m afraid I must disappoint you.

I’m just all around less motivated to do anything in the winter. It’s cold outside, there’s too much snow, no outdoor activities to do, you can’t bike to the lake and sit at the beach… in the winter, it’s really difficult to do something other than bundle up and screw around on the internet, or watch tv or something. Stuff that doesn’t involve going out. I did work on a drawing today. If you’re lucky I may post it here when it’s finished. I don’t know, though. I’m nervous about posting my art anywhere other than deviantart and my own facebook… although I suppose someone could steal it from my facebook if they were really a dick.

Not to insinuate I think my work is good enough to steal… it’s just that there are people in the world even lazier than I am, and they enjoy stealing art that isn’t theirs, and then acting all butthurt when they’re asked to take it down.

Anyway, the boring food bit.

+2 eggs, scrambled, with chopped green bell pepper, a tiny bit of chicken (seriously, it would have fit into a tablespoon), and salsa, inside a soft taco shell. I blame the Californians for getting me started putting salsa on my scrambled eggs. It’s delicious. OM NOM NOM.

+ A cup of homemade chicken noodle soup, with loooots of added ground black pepper, because pepper is one of my favorite spices. I also had ten saltine crackers.

Dinner (or supper, whatever you call it)-
+ tuna salad, with more chopped green bell pepper, crumbles of cheddar cheese, in a soft taco shell. I also had some taco chips and a little bit of salsa

For non meal stuff today, I had one piece of bread with some peanut butter, and nutella on it (because we hardly EVER have nutella. The last time we had it, my brother was in HS. He’s now 19 and in college. Lol). I also had a cadbury creme egg and a piece of cheesecake.

I’ve definitely done worse, so I’m all right with it.

I know I like making promises at the beginning of a week, only to get to the end of a week and say “I’ll be better about this next week” but… I really am going to get back into the swing of exercising, back pain or not. I’ll just do stuff that wouldn’t hurt my back. I’ve kind of let it slide this week because my back and knees have been giving me a lot more trouble than they usually do.

Well, I’m off to do internety things before I go pass out for the night, so I’ll talk to you later, but probably not very much this weekend, as my brother is home from college.



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