“It is great good health to believe, as the Hindus do, that there are 33 million gods and goddesses in the world….

…It is great good health to want to understand one’s dreams. It is great good health to desire the ambiguous and paradoxical.”
– Clive Barker

Day 33. As of today I’ve been keeping this thing up for 33 days. Also, I believe today marks my 5th day in a row of exercising. Fourth or fifth. I can’t remember. Let’s just go with fifth. Lol.

I really do think it’s the fifth day in a row, but since I don’t care I’m not going to go scouring my past entries to find out. It’s 5th.

Anyway. Lol.

I woke up this morning at like 7:30, or so, having once again awoken earlier than I’d like, due to my parents talking downstairs.

So I was a bit groggy as I stumbled around, getting myself a cup of coffee, and eating my breakfast.

This morning, a dude from the phone company came to finish some installation of fibre optics (it’s going on over the entire town) which upgraded some doohicky internet thinger that should make our internet faster, or increase our bandwidth or something I don’t really understand. I really haven’t noticed a difference in terms of internet speed, but it hasn’t been like OMG UBER SLOW either so… whatever. I’m not very observant with things of this nature so we’ll see how it goes.

Around 9 or 10, dad left to run some errands, leaving me free time in the house. I took advantage and exercised, not thinking I would get any other alone time in the house with which to exercise. I did I’m guessing 15-20 minutes of random walking workout, but watching another VHS computer animation thingy I like so much. Also used the small hand weights.

I managed about 8 minutes on the exercise bike. Also did a bit of work on my abs (yes, I have them, they’re just hiding underneath my blubber), and I stretched afterwards. May have stretched my left arm a little too far.  I just over stretched a little. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a tad sore. And I’m sure it’ll go away.

One thing I’ve noticed with the hand weights is, for hours afterwards, your arms are a little tired, but you hardly notice it the next morning. At least I don’t. Same with the legs. I can step off the exercise bike and be all wobbly and my legs will be super tired, but switch to just an hour or two later, and I hardly notice.

I need to ride the exercise bike more, in preparation for when the weather gets nice so I can actually ride my bike to the library and back without wanting to pass out. I started riding it in like March last year. I hope to do the same this year, depending on the weather.

So, have you all heard Lady Gaga’s new song? I personally really dig it. I can’t say  it did or didn’t live up to my expectations, because I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Like, I knew it would be a decent song and that I’d like it, but wasn’t sure beyond that.

I actually really like it. It’s very 80s, and I’m not sure what all these shmucks are talking about when they bitch that all they can think of is Express Yourself by Madonna, because it only vaguely sounds similar. I hope it’s a big hit, personally, because Lady Gaga is one of the only good artists that makes relevant music anymore. Somebody on my deviantart bitched that she was so disappointed, blahblahblah, she was going on about how Gaga used words like “Orient” and some other thing and how it was racist, and I was thinking… Uh, you’re overreacting.

If she had laced a song with a bunch of offensive racial slurs, then yeah, maybe you should get defensive about it, but in this context I fail to see what is so racist.  Also, I think this random person was looking too much into things. It’s a fucking dancy 80s sounding pop tune, and you’re picking it apart over two pretty benign words.

As George Carlin said “There are no bad words. Bad thoughts. Bad intentions. And words.”

There are certain words I don’t use because I don’t like them, and I personally don’t feel that they’re decent to say, but whatever. They’re just words. I’m not going to pray for a plague upon your house if you use a word I don’t like.

Also, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as much as I would really like to go apeshit and swear profusely at people over some things, I don’t. It’s really, really difficult sometimes, but I don’t.

I really don’t know of any other self proclaimed hippies that swear as much as I do. I like swearing. I don’t go out of my way to swear, but I enjoy it.

Also, since we’ve mentioned George Carlin, there’s something else I should mention:


You’re welcome.

Anyway, before we all forget why we’re here (err, before I forget why I’m here), the food and stuff.


+A piece of homemade cornbread.
+A cup of coffee
+A glass of homemade lemonade (basically 1 cup lemon juice, 4 cups water, 1 cup sugar. The recipe calls for 2/3 a cup, but that’s not enough to cut the sheer tartness of this stuff)

+A tuna salad sandwich, no condiments (minus what was in the tuna salad already), and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar (because I heard it’s better to just eat the real cheddar than the processed cheese product stuff).
+The last of the taco chips, with a serving size of salsa

+Couscous, with some chopped onion and green pepper (I measured out 1/3 cup dry couscous, which was what a single serving was). I didn’t add any salt, minus the couple shakes I added to the boiling water. I did however dust it liberally with black pepper. I also had a chicken patty (yes, from the freezer). Which I know aren’t the greatest for you, but I didn’t eat it on cheese, or bread. And I didn’t load the whole thing with ketchup or ranch dressing. Just the chicken, the couscous, and black pepper.

Non meal:
2  small orange sticky rolls
A piece of banana bread
A bowl of cheerios with vanilla almond milk poured over it.

You know. That really isn’t a whole lot of food but I’m starting to feel kind of guilty about snacks. It’s easier to avoid that sort of guilt when you aren’t writing down what you eat, but when it’s staring you in the face on your chosen medium (paper, computer, or whatever)… It’s there.

I could easily lie about what I ate to make myself sound healthier, but that wouldn’t do me any good. However, if the only calories that counted were the ones you wrote down, there’d be a whole lot of celery on this list and almost nothing else. Lol.

My inner cynic is still having trouble with parts of this whole thing, but overall I think you have to just power through it until it’s a habit.

As all the baked goods on my list will tell you, I still have some ground left to cover in terms of eating habits, but I think I’ve done fairly well.

Okay, so there is one small thing I want to mention before the blog is over. My dad announced today that by the end of the weekend, I’m to have all my “shit” off his desk. I say shit, because that’s all he ever calls all my stuff. (Speaking of George Carlin, “Have you ever noticed your shit is stuff and their stuff is shit?”).

Also, apparently, I’m done with the computer until I get a, quote “god damn job”. He never just tells me to get a job, it’s always “And you need to get a god damn job”.

Uh, okay. The only problem with that is, I can’t drive. And right now, the average temperature is below zero, making it too cold to walk around anywhere. My computer is my primary source of job seeking, what with the online version of the newspaper, and filling out online applications.

If he takes the computer away, he takes that away. The next few days are supposed to have decent temperatures, but what happens next week when the temps are supposed to drop again? No. I’ll be forced to either wait for him to go to work so I can use our other computer, or trudge to the library in below zero temperatures just so I can look at their fucking newspaper.

Also… I’m wondering exactly how my father plans to restrict my computer access. The time he stole my keyboard and hid it, I found out where he hid it. I also kept a document with my log in names and passwords, so I can still use this computer without a keyboard to a certain degree, but honestly? It just seems like taking my computer away would hurt more than it would help.

Also… he keeps threatening to “take his desk back” because this computer is on his desk, but he never, ever goes through with this. Or he’ll tell me to clear all my crap off it so he can have his desk back. So I clean up all my stuff.  Then he never uses his desk. So slowly, my stuff just ends up back over here, and the cycle continues.

I don’t know. Maybe he’ll actually take his desk back this time, but I can’t imagine what he’d use it for. All he does is sit in his recliner and watch tv.

Anyhoo. I’m off to do facebook appy things, and worry about all this shit later. Toodles



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