“35 is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years.”

-Oscar Wilde

We’ve reached day 35. I wish I had something more exciting to say than that. LOL. I’m  not all here today, so I apologize for that.

Wait, today? I’m never all here. XD

Today was… weird. I don’t know. I always hate that time of the month because it messes with my head. Not that my thought processes are that clear to begin with, but this damn week is just another roadblock my thoughts have to steer around.

I got up just as mom was going to put away the breakfast foods, as I wasn’t awake yet. So I woke up just in time.

I’ve had a terrible sinus headache for almost the entire day, so that hasn’t made it any more enjoyable. I did manage to cart some of my stuff up to my room, but I’m afraid my dad’s demands that I get all my crap up to my room were not met. Either he isn’t going to go through with this threat, or he’ll just yell at me to do it on Monday.

I’m especially worried that he’ll go through with the “No computer until you get a god damn job” part. I’ve already explained why that would be detrimental to me, but if you aren’t a regular reader, basically most of my job hunting takes place on the computer, not to mention most of my socialization, since I have friends that live all over the place.

This next week the weather is supposed to be decent, so I’ll be able to make it to the library, but when the temperatures drop again, I’ll be stuck in the house, with my only means of communicating with my friends  gone, if dad does restrict my computer usage.

I can still use my phone to text my brother, and three of my best friends, but other than that… nothing. And dad hogs the tv all day. So that should be fun.

I’m not going to worry about it just yet. You know, maybe he’ll cut me a break because it’s that time of the month. Whatever. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Or possibly tonight when he gets off of work. I personally hope we deal with it tomorrow.


So…. dad left for work. I stirred up some sugar cookies and let the dough chill in the oven. Then mom and I rolled them out and baked them. I had the honor of frosting them.

Then the grammys started, so I was frosting cookies during the commercials.

I really enjoyed Lady Gaga’s performance. And the opening performance. There’s a lot more I could say regarding the grammys, but my headache is really killing me right now, so let’s just get on with the food journaling, so I can get out of here.


+very crispy hash browns, toast, an egg over easy

+Two hot dogs, and a handful of potato chips

+One hotdog and a half, and some chili.

Non meal food: conversation hearts, two sugar cookies, a bowl of cheerios dry

I apologize for the dryness of today’s entry. This headache has been wearing on me all day, and I just can’t seem to think straight. Also, I feel cramps coming on again. I’m going to go take some tylenol before they return with the amount of force that they had yesterday.

Au revoir.  Stay safe. Have a good night.


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