“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” [Day 37]

-C. G. Jung

Yeah, too lazy to find a quote with 37 in it.

Also, to be honest, I’m a bit peeved that I haven’t written this already so tonight… it’s kind of a chore. I could have just decided to go to bed without writing it, though, so you should be thankful I’m even writing it. Lol Laziness for the win.

This morning, despite not having gone to bed until 1am, I was awake at 7:30 for some ungodly reason. I was in a fog for much of the morning, the reason being that it felt a whole lot later than it was. Due to lack of sleep. But also because that time of the month is lots of fun. LOL NOT.

Anyhoo, it was for those sorts of reasons that I didn’t do much in the house for a while. Not until dad left for work. It’s easier to do certain chores when  he’s not around to get in my way. Dishes and laundry are pretty much the only chores I do when dad is actually home.

Dad left for work at like… 2:30 I believe. Not long after that, I walked to the library. There was a tea and cookie kind of social hour thing going on, and I needed a reason to make myself walk to the library. Also… free tea. The cookies were a bonus, but I was more interested in the free tea. Lol

I took my time walking there, because it was really nice out. Well… for winter. It was 40 degrees out, which sounds really warm when you’re used to temps in the 20 below range. Which we have been lately.

So, this tea and cookie thing… it was just a small thing. I don’t think more than 30 people total showed up, but it was fun. I sat at a table with these old ladies and they were very amusing to talk to.

My mom showed up at the library after work, because she’s on the friends of the library committee, or whatever you call it. I had known she was going to be there, which is why I went. It was at 4, and went through 5:30. I wouldn’t have gone if mom wasn’t going to be there to give me a ride home, because I prefer not to be walking home in the dark.

I stayed afterwards to help put stuff away and such, which I hope gets me brownie points for the library job I turned in an application for.  That was not my motive though, lol. I actually didn’t think about that until afterwards. XD

Nothing interesting happened at home after that. Mom and I watched Glee when it came on at 7. I chatted online for a bit, did random facebook stuff, and now I’m here. On with the food bit so I can go to bed. XD


+A blueberry bagel, nothing added

+veggie sloppy joe mix, with some cheese, in a sandwich. Also had a handful of potato chips

+more veggie sloppy joe mix in a sandwich. I didn’t add cheese, but I added pickles.

See, I went to this tea/cookie social thinger at the library, and ate more cookies than I should have there, so I didn’t want to eat much for dinner. Or afterwards.

The non meal stuff I ate? A handful of jube jel hearts, and a string cheese.  Because I ate cookies at the library. Lol.

Me walking to the library, and all the going up and down the stairs counts as my exercise for today. I helped mom haul a heavy folding table around, too.

So anyway, I’m going to bed. I’m sorry this entry was boring, but I really didn’t even want to write it. Because I’m tired. I promise tomorrow will not be as lackluster.


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