At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at ’40’ the judgment.

-Benjamin Franklin

Well folks, it looks like we’ve made it for 40 days. I intend to keep doing this for a good long time, so this is only the beginning. But still, I feel that 40 days is an accomplishment.

Now, admittedly, this blog has been nowhere near as interesting as I wanted it to be, and I haven’t been as exacting with recording my food intake, but… that will get better as time goes on.

I’m also going to try really hard not to slack off one week every month, just because I have monthly issues.

This week has just been a chore.

Whatever. I have a whole nother month before I have to worry about all those womanly problems, so I’m going to move on for now.

Today was yet another of those days where I was awoken before 6am by my parents’ loud talking downstairs. I was very close to texting or even calling them on my cell phone asking them to please quiet down so I could sleep.

What happens a lot of time is, I’ll hear them discussing things they’re seeing on the news (they watch Headline news every morning), and then I start listening… and then I start thinking, and then I’m awake.

When you go to bed at midnight, waking up at 5:30 is really not kosher. I believe did manage to doze lightly, until I actually got out of bed at 7:30.

I didn’t go anywhere today, because, as I feared, the temperatures have dropped back to normal levels. Still. I mean, it was 30  degrees all day, which totally beats the -20 shit we were getting last week, but it’s depressing. I want the 55 degree days back. I’m a very impatient woman, and I really do not like winter.

I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today. My mom left right after work to go pick my brother up from college, as he’s spending the weekend at home.

If you didn’t know, on most Saturdays my dad works at a radio station, and he got a gift certificate from work to a restaurant in the same town, so I think the plan is to meet him after work tomorrow to go eat out. The whole family. Since my brother is at college we don’t get to see each other all that often, so that should be fun.

I’m not going to lie, I’m tired, so I’m kind of half assing this entry too. I’m sorry. I really meant for this blog to be much more interesting, but it’s turning out to be boring shit that I just throw together so I can say I kept up with writing the entries.

I really am going to think of ways to make it more interesting, and I won’t be so lazy with them. But right now the food, and then I’m going to bed. This is what happens when you go to bed at midnight or later, and then your parents’ loud talking jolts you awake at 5:30 in the morning.


+Two eggs, scrambled with some chopped onion, topped with bits of cheddar, and some salsa.
+two pieces of toast

+I sliced up a potato and made fries with it. I had a half cup of chili. I was going to have chili fries, but ended up just eating the chili by itself and instead dipping my fries in the last of the homemade barbecue sauce I made a couple weeks ago.

+Tuna salad sandwich, with cheddar and pickles. With some potato chips

As for the non meal stuff… candy. Not like, bucketloads of it, but some conversation hearts, some cherry jube jel hearts, and some cherry sour things. A very small sliver of cheesecake that needed to be eaten up, and the smallest piece of french silk pie.

I did manage about half an hour of exercise today, so it’s not like I just stuffed my face without doing some work.

I do feel kind of guilty about this past week, because I kind of let it slide due to it being my fun time of the month. However, since I am rid of that curse for another month, I will be better about what I eat.

Or at least, my activity level. I know it’s only mid February, but soon the weather will get nice enough for me to ride my bike, and when my knees can handle it, I’ll be back to the point I was at last summer, where I biked at least 5 miles a day.

Anyway, good night. Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay cool. Whatever you want. Lol.


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