Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. [Day 41]

~Stella Adler

Well kids, it’s day 41. And I need to think of something other to call you than kids. I say that too much. Lol

Anyhoo. Today has been a pleasantly enjoyable day, as days go.

I actually got to sleep until 8am, which was nice. The morning was nice and relaxing. At about noon, mom, my brother, and I left for Forest City, where we were going to meet dad after his work at the radio station to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Dad had gotten a gift certificate from work for said Chinese restaurant. It was called Sum Hing. I remember because my mother and brother would not stop making bad jokes about it all through the meal.

The restaurant is nice. I really liked it. I think they only had one girl working there, but she did a great job. We got appetizers, four crab rangoons. I personally wish we got four each. They were literally the best damn crab rangoons I’ve ever had. I don’t care if I’m not spelling that right btw. LOL

I ordered shrimp in black bean garlic sauce, and it had stuff like onions, green pepper, and carrot in with it. I ordered steamed rice with it, and for the side (we could get either an egg roll or crab rangoon) I got the crab rangoon, obviously.

I ended up only eating half of it, so I could eat the other half for dinner. But I didn’t divide my shrimp evenly. There were only two in the leftovers. lol. So the part I had for dinner was more green pepper onion carrot rice with a shrimp as a garnish. No matter. It was delicious.

After we got home, nothing really interesting happened. Mom and my brother watched a movie, I played around online. It’s nice and relaxing.

The impending bad weather is kind of worrying my brother, because it might possibly make him unable to get back to school until Monday morning, which he absolutely needs to be back for so he can register for something.

I personally have a feeling that it’s going to be okay, but I have been wrong before. So we’ll see what happens.

In other news, I think I’m going to start a new once a day blog, but with drawings. As in, I do a new drawing every day for a year. I got a list from someone on deviantart, and I am going to try to stick to that. Obviously I’m late with starting, but I don’t really care. I’ve been in something of an art rut lately, and I think having a prompt every day will help with that.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble, so before I forget, the food.


Breakfast: half a bagel, at like 11. Because I wasn’t hungry up until that point.

Lunch: shrimp in black bean garlic sauce, with random veggies (onion, green pepper, carrot), and steamed rice. I only ate half of it, and brought half home.

Dinner: my leftovers from lunch. I also had a slice of cheddar cheese.

As for my non meal dining, it consisted of jube jel hearts, a few cherry sours, a piece of a hershey chocolate bar, a fun dip, and a fruit leather. And strawberries.

Well, I’m off to brainstorm drawing ideas, and such. So I’ll talk to you later.


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