Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail. [Day 42]

~Theodore Dreiser, Life, Art, and America, 1917

I’m going to be honest, kids. At this point, I am having trouble finding quotes with numbers in them that aren’t bible verses. And I am not about to start posting those.

Today has been a decent day by most standards, although I’m finding myself in a depressed/pissed off mood swing right now.

For a few days after my ‘that time of the month’ ends, I’m still really mood swingy. So I suspect that’s what’s going on here. Although… I’m always a little moody when my brother visits from college. I’m not sure why. Probably because I’m a little jealous of him. Whatever.

The weather is shit. I awoke to sounds of very high speed wind. I mean… street lights weren’t blowing away or anything, but you could just hear how fast the wind was.

I had a really bizarre three part dream that you can read about in my dream blog, and part of it was, I think, a subconscious interpretation of the wind. Here’s a link to the entry in my dream blog:

So, we had steak and eggs for breakfast, as a family. We don’t get to all sit down and eat together very often, so it was nice. We basically lazed around for the rest of the morning. My brother, stressing over the fact that the crappy, iced over roads may present a problem as to him getting back to college on time tomorrow.

But it was fun. We had lunch, which was cheeseburgers. Afterwards, we played Apples to Apples, which was fun. My brother won, although I was not in last place so I was happy about that lol.

So, we lazed about some more. Then we had dinner. Now we’re lazing about even more.

If the weather wasn’t shit I might have gone for a walk today, but seeing as it is, none of us can really go anywhere right now.

I mean… overall it was a good day, but I have just been in this weird pissy depression and that did detract enjoyment from today.

Oh, I forgot. I’m starting a new blog. It’s on blogger, and it’s going to be another post a day project blog. The whole thing is explained here:

Just a note though, that that layout is not my super favorite, and I plan on choosing a better one, but I didn’t really want to bother with all that when I set it up. But yeah. A drawing every day. I think it’ll help with the art rut and rampant artist’s block I seem to have lately.

Anyway, the food bloggy part.


A small portion of steak, an egg, some hash browns, and two pieces of toast.

Cheeseburger, with pickle and some ketchup. A few cheese balls (basically like tiny puffy cheetos), and some lettuce with a bit of ranch.

Homemade mac and cheese.

As for the non meal fare, I had some conversation hearts, jube jel hearts (They’re all gone now, save for the one I kept to take picures of), half a bagel, a bar, a handful of pretzels and I believe that’s it.

Today has been terrible in terms of food, and I just don’t know why. I have been doing really well with this sort of thing, but all bets were off today and I’m lucky I didn’t gorge myself. I get seven kinds of wacky around that time of the month. I mean… it’s over for another month, but the moody bits are still lingering around.

I should check out the free women’s clinic in the area, to see what sort of options I have. I’m afraid to go on birth control because of all the risks I hear advertised on tv, plus I hear it makes you moody and gain weight. I can’t afford to gain weight at this stage of the game, lest I become Rosanne and stay fat the rest of my life.

Whatever. It’s not an issue right now, so I’ll wait until it is. I actually think I’m going to wait until next month, to see if I get those sorts of cramps again. If so, then maybe I’ll think about seeing someone about it. I just don’t want to freak out if this month’s cramps were a weird fluke.

Well, there goes the “food listed at the end of the entry” crap. I need to do all my bantering before hand. Lol.

Anyway, I’m off to do facebooky things and work on a Labyrinth fanfiction I’m writing, so TTYL.

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