The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. [Day 43]

~Agatha Christie

Well kids, it’s day 43. And today’s entry is being written over a steaming bowl of couscous.

Well, today started out a bit unusual, compared to most Mondays. Considering, my brother, who was home from college for the weekend, was here. Because the weather was shit yesterday.

And, it was shit today, but not quite as bad. My brother and I sat and watched  a Colbert Report rerun while eating breakfast.
Dad didn’t have to work until 3pm, so he drove my brother back to college. Who got back just in time for his 11am class, I heard.

So, I had to keep reminding myself it was monday. Because it felt like a weekend, with my brother still being home.

Anyway, I got the very first entry of my new project blog posted, which you can read here:

I did that while dad was on his way to drop my brother off at college.

Dad didn’t get back home until some time after noon, so that gave me a bit of time in the house alone.

He left for work at 2:30, and since then, I’ve had the house to myself. Mom is taking tickets for some sort of game or wrestling meet, or whatever the fuck is going on at school right now. She’ll be back around 8.

You know… I like having the house to myself, but there’s something I miss about socializing, like at school. Or living in the dorms. I don’t generally see or talk to very many people, in person. I talk to people on the internet but sometimes that’s not the same.

It’s hard, because most of my friends are… out and about. At this point, I have friends living all over the country. I even have friends that live overseas.

And the ones that live in the area? They can’t drive, or they work a lot, or they’re married with a kid on the way, or they’re married and they’ve already had their kid. So, even if I could drive, most of them would have like… real life to worry about.

I mean.. I’m not depressed about it or anything, but it makes me think about growing older… I can’t say growing up because I’m not sure I’ll ever grow up. And I know, at 24, I’m certainly not super old or anything.

I don’t know. When I was in high school, I never expected that I’d lose touch with most of my friends and acquire a new set of friends at college… who would move away and who I’d lose touch with. I have a lot of my high school classmates and even some of my college ones on facebook, which I am grateful for. I wish that just once, I could relive the summer after my senior year of high school.

I had just paid 120 bucks to get a Duran Duran tattoo, and I wore a halter top to a cookout at a friend’s house (Darcy’s, I believe), where Casey grilled boca burgers, and another girl in our class talked about the meaning of her tattoo, which was where tramp stamps are, but it wasn’t a meaningless, trendy tattoo. Part of it was in memory of a sister, or something. I miss that stuff. I miss going out for pizza after football games.

There are plenty of times in college I’d want to relive, too. All those times at the OK House, talking with friends until 3am. Watching movies. All that stuff.

Okay. Nostalgia over. Lol Let’s get to the food.

+An egg salad sandwich

+A sandwich with steak, cheese, and tomato. And a smidge of mayo.

+A bowl of couscous, with chopped onion, celery, and garlic. With Worcestershire sauce mixed in. Also, a bit of seasoned salt, regular salt, and black pepper. OM NOM NOM. It’s so damn delicious.

As for my non meal food, I had a conversation heart (yes, one), a bar, a single serve fun dip, and a small bit of cheddar cheese. And, two bowls of cereal. But not at once. Also, I had three small pieces of candy.

As for my exercising, I did about 10 minutes of a pilates for the inflexible dvd my mom checked out from the library, and I had to stop because I just couldn’t handle it. I can’t even do the inflexible pilates workout. Lol. What’s the next step down from inflexible? Stationary? Lol.

So, I tried to do a dancing with the stars workout dvd my brother has. I only got about five or six minutes into that before I got flustered, confused, and had to stop. They were hard to follow, and even though I KNOW it’s the tv, and it’s not a one way mirror they can see through, I just felt really self conscious and stupid. It’s hard to exercise when the people on tv are super skinny and all baring their midriffs.

So I just hopped on the exercise bike for a bit. I’m going to walk to the library tomorrow, as the movies we checked out are due, and I’ll probably do a little bit of lifting with the small hand weights I use.

I think that’s about it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry, and also day 2 of my drawing project.




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