If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. [Day 44]

~Gustav Mahler

Well hello there, ladies and germs. It seems that we have hit day 44, and I am once again unable to come up with a quote actually featuring the number 44. Also, forgive me if I sound a little strange, I can’t figure out if my jitters right now are lack of caffeine, or low blood sugar. Or the cold. Who knows.

Anyway. Before we get too far into this, Day 2 of my art project is live on my blogger. http://bluesilversartproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/day-2365-adolescence.html Be there or be square, bitches!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress.

Today was a bit out of the ordinary, but I’d like to begin with a story about my night lastnight. It wasn’t that different from most nights, actually. Me, playing about on facebook until 1am.  That kind of thing.

So, I get up to go to the bathroom before bed, as I always do, and when I got into the bathroom… the mouth rinsing cup was upside down on the sink, and there was a green washcloth in the toilet. IN the toilet. With pee in the toilet.

Thankfully, I have latex toilet cleaning gloves. I suspected my dad was sleepwalking again.

Which, I think he did. When I got up this morning, he was gone to an out of town job interview, but my mom said that there was milk spilled on the stove, as well as powdered hot cereal mix spilled on the stove, on the floor, and on a shelf in the pantry.

Now, the last I knew, dad had stopped taking the medication that made him sleepwalk. I’m not sure what he’s taking or what doses they are, or if any doses have changed. Also… it could just be him sleepwalking. People sleepwalk who are not taking any medications, so it could just be that.

I just hope he doesn’t start doing that regularly. The sleepwalking was funny when it was just dad trying to make brown sugar and butter sandwiches, or when he ate powdered tartar sauce mix, and it tasted so bad it woke him up.

What wasn’t funny was the time, when sleepwalking, that he put oil in a pan, on the stove, and turned on the stove burner. He did that twice.

I’m not really worried, but I am going to check the kitchen before I go to bed, just to make myself feel a little better. Plus… Mom usually gets up during the night to use the bathroom, so she would notice if he turned the stove on.

Anyway. Dad wasn’t to be back until after noon, so I took advantage and did chores. My mom leaves me a list of stuff I can do around the house to help out, and I literally had all but one of the chores done by 9am. The laundry in the drier is the only thing left, and I didn’t discover that until an hour ago. Or else that would be done, too.

I mean… Don’t get me wrong. It was really nice to have all that stuff done early, but it kind of left me with nothing to do the rest of the day. I was planning to go to the library, but my mom dropped off all the dvds, so I didn’t really have a legit reason to want to go anywhere… Except to buy a can of soda. And we all know I don’t need that. So I didn’t go anywhere.

Also, my back hurt like a bitch today, so I didn’t exercise.

When dad got home at like… noon or 1. I can’t remember. He basically sat right down in his chair and fell asleep. He slept through me doing two loads of dishes, making a big racket while putting pans away in the drawer underneath the stove, and through me mixing up and baking biscuits. If it weren’t for the oven timer, he’d probably have slept through the whole ordeal.

After that, I messed around online until Glee was on. Glee tonight was very entertaining. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Now, the food part. So I can get it over with.

+ Bowl of generic red berry cereal
A few hours later, I had a cup of blueberry oatmeal with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top.

+ Leftover couscous from yesterday, but today I mixed chopped tomato in it and sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top… Stuff it, spellcheck. I am not capitalizing that word.

+A hamburger patty, with no bun or anything. Half a slice of cheese (I ate the other half alone) with a little bit of ketchup, and three adorable tiny heart biscuits I made. I had two other biscuits before that. I don’t want that to sound bad, because I can fit two or three of those mini biscuits in the palm of my hand.

I also had three reeses peanut butter hearts. And another bowl of cereal.

So, yeah. That was my day. Tomorrow, I’m probably going to walk to the library, if the weather isn’t too awful. Again, if you haven’t checked it out, go take a gander at http://bluesilversartproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/day-2365-adolescence.html. And while you’re at it, be a dear and comment. 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to do facebooky deviantarty things, and brainstorm an idea for tomorrow’s theme, “adore”, so au revoir. 🙂


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