Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. [Day 48]

~Hans Christian Anderson

Damn. Are we at day 48 already? Shit. How time flies.

Now, admittedly, I haven’t been putting as much effort into this blog as I originally intended, but still, I haven’t missed a day, and unless I land myself in the hospital or something, I don’t forsee myself missing one. Until, maybe the summer. If we take little weekend trips, like we’re planning on, then I may have to food journal when I’m there, and update the blog when I get home. Like that skull a day blogger guy did. Lol.

I got up at like… 7:45-8am, and got right on doing dishes, and getting myself some coffee. What with brainstorming today’s picture for my art blog, and the internet, I kinda forgot to eat breakfast. Take note. It’s probably the last time I’ll ever forget to eat. Lol.

So, a bit after 10, mom and I went to Mason to do some grocery shopping. I’m really weird, because I enjoy grocery shopping a fair bit. Almost more than like, regular shopping. It’s one of my oddities, I guess.

We went to Dollar Tree, were we picked up some pastel junior mints. We went to Hy-Vee next, where we got a bunch of stuff. I got mom to buy me a can of my Peace Tea. I’m addicted to the stuff. And not just because it’s got a bunch of hippie imagery plastered on the can. It really is tasty, and really isn’t too bad for you. I think my favorite kinds are the unsweetened tea, and the diet green tea. But they’re all pretty awesome. And yes, I have tried them all. Lol.

We went to Target last, where there were a couple samples. Like bread. And dr pepper 10. Mom had to twist my arm to get me to drink a small glass of free soda. It was horrible. LOL. Actually it was pretty awesome. We actually bought a two liter, because it was on sale for 99 cents, and the sample ladies gave us a 55 cents off coupon. YES

Now Hy-Vee needs to discover a huge stock of Mountain Dew throwback and start selling the 20 oz bottles for forty cents, and I’ll be happy.

We came home briefly to put away the groceries, then went to the library. Where mom works the book sale. It’s just a bunch of shelves with sale books on them. It’s not like a bake sale with people right there taking your money. I help with that for the hell of it.

As expected, I didn’t get the job position available at the library, which I didn’t figure I would. I have never gotten any of the library jobs I have applied for, probably because I’ve had so many overdue books and movies. Also.. the library director is a nice lady, and once suggested a book to me. Actually two. Once a book about 1969, and another was a book about Jay Z. Who I actually don’t give a shit about, but I thought it was cute that she knew enough to know that I like music.

I like this lady, but she’s a little… uppity. That bothers me.

Whatever. So then we came home and did all sorts of vegging out. Watching Psych, and other various tv, and me finishing up today’s picture for my art blog. Now, the food.


Breakfast was really non existent today.

+A cup of potato salad, right after we got home. Then, we left again. And when we got back I ate a sandwich.

+A chunk of artisan bread from hy-vee, 1 cup of bean and ham soup, and the last of the halitosis inducing potato salad. It really tasted awesome, but if I make it again I’m not putting in much onion at all.

In addition, I had some pastel junior mints, a cup of shamrock shake from mc donalds (the only shit we EVER get there. That and egg nog shakes), and I think that’s it.

Now, I’m off to submit today’s entry to my art blog, which you can read here: http://bluesilversartproject.blogspot.com/



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