Oh, wouldn’t the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at? [Day 49]

~W.S. Gilbert

I have a raging headache right now, so forgive me if this entry seems a bit rushed.

Here’s a list of stuff I did today:

+Discovered that for the first time since wearing 40 DD bras, I do not need to wear the bra extender I have had to use to fit into them up to this point.

+Ate a pancake for breakfast

+Did dishes.

+Sat around

+Watched the Oscars

+Decided that if I ever get down to 140 pounds, I’m going to start getting tattoo sleeves. On at least my upper arms, so I can still look normal at job interviews.

Now, here is a list of my food. Then I’m going to go write today’s art blog, then I’m going to go OD on tylenol and make some hot tea.

+A pancake with syrup.

+Two breaded fish filets, some french fries.

+some chicken rice campbells soup

As for non meal eating, a bunch of small chocolate filled croissants that I made.

You may have caught up there mention of tattoo sleeves. I had a wild hair this morning and decided that if I ever get down to 140 pounds,  I’m going to begin work on upper arm sleeve tattoos. At least upper arm. It depends on what my situation is financially, but if I can ever get down to that weight, I want to get sleeve tattoos. I have to credit Margret Cho with the idea (Random, I know, but I got the idea after watching her standup on tv ages ago).

I figure… upper arm sleeve tattoos would let me get a bit creative and such with the combination of tattoos I want to make up that sleeve, and it would also allow me to wear longer sleeved shirts, so I could still look normal and presentable in business and job situations. It’s a long way off,  so I’m not going to worry about specifics yet, but I definitely need tattoos in honor of Thomas Dolby (Valley of the Mind’s Eye, to be specific), David Bowie, The Who, Queen, and the Alan Parsons Project. And any other musician that has been influential to me. Maybe throw in some Elton John and Billy Joel lyrics. Like I said, long way off. XD

Anyway, I’m off to write my art blog and then do something about this godforsaken headache, which has been giving me hell all day.


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