I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free, there must be “fifty” ways to leave your lover

-Paul Simon

Day 50. The big 5-0. This makes this blog over the hill! LOL

I’m thinking of going a more simple approach to this blog. Where I just list a bunch of stuff I did, then list my food, then get the hell out.

Firstly, even though this blog came way first, I am finding that I prefer my art blog. I may just switch all the banter about my day to that blog, and make this just about listing my food and workouts. That sort of thing. I don’t know. That’s how it’ll be today anyway. I’ve felt like complete shit all day, and I just don’t feel like going on forever. I’ll think about blog formatting. For now, let’s just get to the food, and then I’m back to hating my allergies and playing on facebook until I pass out for the night.


+turkey lunchmeat sandwich. Yes I’m weird. No I don’t care if you care

+Couscous, with some chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato paste, with a couple slices of lunch meat chopped up and mixed in. It sounds really bizarre, but it tasted fab. It actually holds together well enough that I think I could actually fry it into a patty. I still have half of it left. I may try to make it into a patty for tomorrow’s lunch.

+A small piece of strip steak, with mashed potatoes (real, not from a box), and some creamed corn.

As for non meal eating, I ate too many of the small chocolate filled croissants that I made yesterday. I might have a couple more, actually.

Today’s really not been great as far as food, but it could have been a lot worse. Plus, those croissants aren’t that bad for you. They don’t have much chocolate in them, and since most of the butter melted out when they were in the oven, I don’t feel that bad.

I will let you know on tomorrow’s entry if I eat anything else tonight.

Now, off to do facebook stuff, chat on MSN, and then later charge my mp3 player, watch Craig Ferguson on youtube, and then pass out in bed


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