He was born on a summer day, 1951….

-“Lonely Boy”, by Andrew Gold. I believe. I’m too lazy to double check.

It’s day 51, and I find that I’m getting lazy in my food blogging efforts. Not in the actual, keep a record of what I ate kind of way. In the way where I actually care about making these entries interesting. I’m just not feeling it today. So I’m just going to list my food, and get out.


+Half a bagel, with strawberry jam.

+The last of the weird couscous mixture I made, with a little mozzerella mixed in.

+The last two (thinnest) slices of pizza from last week, and a hunk of artisan bread from hy-vee.

I also ate a croissant, an apple, and I really don’t remember that I ate anything else. Today was decent as far as food.

Also, let it be known that I watched Hairspray today, and danced/exercised along with the first few songs. Then I rode my bike to the library. I am definitely not in bike riding shape. It was so hard. I had to walk my bike home the last block or so. But… there was a point last summer where I was riding over 5 miles each day, so I can get back to it.

And.. I won’t let it slide this time. As soon as the weather’s decent, and one round trip to the library doesn’t completely knock me out, I’ll be riding 5 miles a day, every day. As long as I can. Until November. And this time I’ll try my best not to let it slide during the winter. I’ll ride the exercise bike.

Also, let it be known that I did not buy any soda today, but instead two cans of Peace Tea.

Anyway, I’m off to do facebooky things.


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