Day 52, because I’m too lazy to look up a quote.

Day 52.  Yep.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still feverishly working to finish today’s drawing for my art blog, so this is going to be little more than me listing my food.  And anyway… I think I’m going to shift my daily ramblings more onto my art blog, and just use this one for food and exercise records. Who knows. When I haven’t come up with a complicated drawing and put it off until the evening, maybe I’ll feel like going on forever. Whatever



+ lunchmeat sandwich.

+Also a sandwich. I know. Kind of boring. But the burgers that dad made were supposed to be for dinner, so I didn’t want to eat one of them at lunch.

A burger, with a slice of cheddar and some ketchup. And some potato chips.

I also ate a couple scones I made (long story short, I put too much milk in and they turned into blobs, but they’re tasty) and a muffin I made. We got a huge bag of dried cherries from the foods teacher at the HS mom works at, so I’m coming up with ways to use them up.

Tomorrow I’m going to try reconstituting some of them so I can make like.. cherry cobbler or something.

Anyway, I’m going to push through my wrist pain and finish up today’s drawing and then hurry and post today’s art blog.