To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am. [Day 53]

-Bernard M. Baruch


Well hello, ladies and germs. We’ve hit day 53. If you’re looking for banter about my day, you should probably head on over to, because I think that’s where I’ll be putting most of that. Not always, because I’ll still have some stuff to say at this blog. So don’t stop reading it.

Not that anybody reads it anyway.

Moving on.


+a scone that I made. Which looks more like a lumpy soft cookie. I accidentally put a whole cup of buttermilk in instead of 3/4 of a cup. Oops.

+a tuna sandwich. But I made it like a grilled cheese. I put a thin slice of cheddar down on the bread, then some tuna, then I put some raw spinach leaves down, then I put another slice of thin cheddar, then I put the other piece of bread.
It was delicious, but a little messier than I intended. Lol. Also, instead of having potato chips, I had a salad with some spinach leaves and a bit of ranch. And a few sunflower seeds (hulled, of course) on top.

+I had breakfast for dinner. I fried three strips of thin bacon (a serving size), two eggs over easy, and a few hash browns. And two slices of toast. Also, I ate two oatmeal cherry cookies I made today. I also made some cherry cobbler which I may sample a little later in the evening.

As for exercise, I didn’t do any of that today because I was in pain everywhere. Okay. Well not everywhere, but my back hurt kind of a lot, and my allergies have been killing me. I’ll get all stuffed up… and it won’t like, hurt to breathe, but I just feel all congested and stuffy and it’s just uncomfortable.

Thankfully, mom has generic allergy pills. But there is only one dose of it left. So after today… I’m basically on my own, because I don’t want to use them all up… And that’s just so I don’t get the “YOU USE UP ALL OUR STUFF” lecture from mom when she goes to take allergy pills and there aren’t any left.

Anyway, I have some laundry to fold, and an art blog entry to finish up, so I’ll see you later.


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