Day 54… Oops.

I blame facebook apps and MSN chatting with people.  I totally forgot about today’s entry. And dammit, I don’t care if the clock says 12:30. It’s still Friday somewhere, so I am not late.


+I  honestly can’t remember what I had for breakfast. Hold on. I think I had a muffin. Yes. Okay I remember now. It was a muffin. Phew. For a minute, I thought I went nuts.

+Tuna salad, but I made it kind of like into tuna melt dip… We have, for some reason, three half full bags of taco chips. So basically it was like a tuna melt… but with taco chips.

+I fashioned some homemade salsa with some tomato sauce (homemade, dad cans some of his own veggies) and more taco chips. We literally have that many.

As for the other stuff I ate, I believe the count is at two muffins, and like three cookies. And. AND. A bowl of strawberries/grapes. Tasty.

Today was pretty good as far as food went.

Okay. Now, I’m off to submit this, and TRY to log off facebook. Dammit, facebook apps. Also, it doesn’t help that I’ve hit the level of tired where I seem to get a burst of hyper. WTF WTF WTF