The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius. [Day 57]

~Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

Well, thank you for waiting out my spell of impatience regarding this blog. I don’t know. For a few days here, this blog felt rather like a chore, and I didn’t have much fun.

Hopefully, from now on, I will not hurry to write the entry in five minutes simply so I can be done with it. I don’t know that I’ll take a vast amount of time, but  I will at least take a little time. Other than folding two baskets of laundry, there isn’t really anything better for me to do. And knowing myself, I’m not so sure I’ll fold both the baskets of clothes tonight.

LOL I might fold one basket and leave the other for tomorrow, or I’ll do the proper thing and just fold them both tonight. LOL. My laziness is ten times worse in the evening. Since most evenings, everyone in the house usually does little more than veg out in front of the tv or computer.

Anyway, I’m sure my ramblings about laziness and laundry aren’t that interesting, so I’ll move on.


+Small desert cup sized portion of cherry cobbler. It was the last of it, because I was worried about it going off. There was no room in the fridge for it, and I didn’t want to eat half of it a few days later only to find that it’s gone moldy underneath.  Did that sound vaguely British to anybody else? Maybe it’s just me. XD

Between breakfast and lunch, I ate a plain strawberry, and then one dipped in almond bark.  And a couple small shards of plain almond bark.
We had a full package of strawberries that were threatening to go overripe if they weren’t used, so I melted almond bark and dipped the strawberries in. I put most of them in the freezer, for next week, when my brother will be home from college for the entire week. Spring Break staycation. LOL.

+ cup homemade sloppy joe mix. I fashioned it out of the small bit of salsa I made last week, mixed with cooked ground beef, a squirt of ketchup, a teaspoon or so of brown sugar, and a spoonful of the salsa we bought at target on the weekend. As in, two days ago. Lol. I made it with the intention of having a sloppy joe on a hamburger bun, but I thought back to the abundence of taco chips we have, so I ate it on taco chips

+The same as lunch. I really liked the sloppy joe mix I fashioned so I made it again. I actually really liked the salsa I made from home canned tomato sauce, using the recipe in our better homes and gardens cookbook that we’ve literally had for as long as I can remember.

Case in point? We’ve made pancakes so much in my life that the page with the pancake recipe on it is stained and splattered. Mom had to actually glue a chunk of pages back in because they fell out. LOL.

Also, in addition to the food I’ve already mentioned, I had a few toasted pumpkin seeds (hulled. I guess the hulled pumpkin seeds are called pepitas or something), and a small chunk of almond bark. Also, I had another almond bark strawberry, and an apple.

That should be it. That apple was huge. I couldn’t even finish it all, actually.

Now, I’m off to throw together my art blog entry for today.


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