The imperfections of a man, his frailties, his faults, are just as important as his virtues. You can’t separate them. They’re wedded. [Day 58]

~Henry Miller

Well ladies and germs, it’s day 58.

This blog is almost 60 days old! Over the hill! LOL!

Well, I don’t want to get your hopes up in terms of daily banter, because I’m planning on including that in my art blog. So, let’s just get on with the food.

+3 strips very thin bacon (a serving size) and two eggs, scrambled. With a bit of salsa on the eggs. Salsa and eggs was a bizarre habit I began after our 2 week vacation to California in 2004.

+A bowl of homemade soup. It was the soup I had yesterday, which was chicken soup, but not the typical chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, and noodles. It was weird. But it’s really tasty. I also had some crackers.

+Two pieces of frozen pizza. From California Pizza Kitchen. It was the Sicilian. Which is good, but I’m sure it’s going to set off my acid reflux later. Also, it’s got a shitload of sodium per serving, so I didn’t eat quite a full serving. A serving is 1/3 of the pizza. I only ate 1/4.

Also… I made lemon bars. But used orange. BUT. I didn’t put enough flour in to compensate for the extra juice. So, the top never quite set. Long story short, when I went to cut a piece for myself, most of the topping ran out and filled up the vacant square where my bar had been. LOL. I’ll find a use for the goopy mixture that was supposed to be bars, but today’s art theme was “baked goods” and I had intended to take a picture of a bar. But that didn’t work. Lol.

Also, I had a cinnamon roll. And some grapes. And, a string cheese. That’s it. And. I’m full/have a tiny stomachache from the orange bars. They’re really good, but super super rich, and you should really only have a tiny portion. I made the mistake of having at least two. What would equal two, anyway. It’s kind of a globby mass of orangey sugary goop.

Anyway, I’m off to write my art blog entry for today, and maybe play some more Oregon Trail via the app on facebook. That app is like crack. Don’t start playing if you have anything productive to do. XD

Anyhoo, I will see you tomorrow.