Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” [Day 59]

~Robin Williams

Day 59. That’s almost two months I’ve been keeping this up. Sweet.

I don’t really want to get your hopes up as far as daily banter, because I like including that in my art blog. You know, the blog I have that people might actually READ. I barely had anybody reading this blog, back when it was just a regular blog even. They’re not going to tune in when it’s something as boring as a food journal. If you enjoy reading this, fine, you enjoy it, but it’s more useful to me than it is to anyone else, I’m sure.

Anyway, onward with the food.

+two pieces of leftover pizza. It was a frozen pizza from California Pizza Kitchens, so they’re small, thin pieces of pizza. Not like… big restaurant pizza. I’d have had one piece if that were the case.

+1 egg and a half (Half of the egg was a wash for something I was baking in the oven) scrambled, with some tuna added. I ate it as a sandwich, with some raw spinach leaves, but no cheese. Mainly because we didn’t have any. But I wouldn’t have put cheese on it if we did.

Then, I had two thin slices of the bread I made that was supposed to be soda bread. Only stupid me reached right for the baking powder and didn’t think anything of it. Because, usually a recipe calls for baking powder.

Even though the soda and powder are in two completely different containers, I’ve been wary of mixing them up ever since an incident when I was a kid where mom made pancakes and accidentally used baking soda instead of baking powder. And really… I’d rather mix something up where I add powder instead of soda, rather than adding soda instead of powder.

Anyway, the bread still tastes good, it’s just a bit denser than I intended. And when I say pieces, I mean like, breadsticks. They’re really thin, like breadsticks. I think they’d actually go well with pasta, almost like a thin garlic bread.


+rice, with small bits of chicken, and some chicken gravy. Dad made it. Except for the part where he went out for a smoke while I made the minute rice. Lol. I also had two more thin pieces of that bread I made.

I may have a package of fruit snacks, or some dry cereal, or something, but I shouldn’t be eating too much more tonight.

Well, I’m off to write my art blog, do facebooky things, and wait for my show (Off the Map) to be on at 9.