Day 61.

Whoop de frickin doo. I’m not really too enthused about writing this entry today.

I don’t feel good at all. And, I hate mother nature. AND, I’m mood swingy, and angry. In fact, if I hadn’t promised to update this every day (or food journal every day, then update when I can get back online), I wouldn’t bother.

Let’s get on with it, so I can throw together an art blog entry. I meant to draw something for that but… I’m just not feeling it today.

Anyhoo, the food.

+a bowl of cereal. Nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until like 10am, though, because I just wasn’t in the mood to eat anything we had.

+I had a little bit of chicken (as we’re saving the rest to make chicken alfredo), and a few saltines. It was because  I had just gotten over a horrendous spell of cramps. And didn’t feel like eating much.

Taco chips, and salsa. With a few little pieces of cheese.

As far as the rest of my food, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a couple pieces of hershey chocolate. It is my time of the month, which is why I allowed myself the sandwich. Besides, I hadn’t really eaten much of a lunch, so I figured, what the fuck.

Also, I didn’t really snack around today. So there was that. I’m having a small container of lemon greek yogurt right now, and I really don’t forsee myself eating anything else, unless I have a little single serve fun dip. Or a girl scout cookie or two.

Well, I’m off to throw together an art blog entry, and do facebooky things. AND wait for someone to get on MSN so I can chew them out.