Day 63!

Yeah. Sorry. I have three other tabs open right now, and I’m logged into msn, so I’m not going to have a quote for you today. Tomorrow I will for sure, but… not today. Lol.

Today was a decent day by most accounts. Daylight savings has me all screwed up though. I’m really not sure why people still observe that crap, but they do, so whatever. I’ll get used to it, like I do every year.

We ate pancakes for breakfast, lounged around, and then ate lunch. Dad then relaxed in his chair before work while my mom, brother, and I played Star Wars monopoly. It was fun, but towards the end I started to get cramps, and I got this weird headache. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Thankfully mom had tylenol stashed away in her purse, because there isn’t any more in the medicine cabinet.

A while after dad went to work, mom noticed that Aladdin was on tv, so we sat around and watched that. I forgot how good that movie is, and how much I love it. I’ve been watching it since I was a little kid, when it first came out… so I suppose it’s not strange that I’ve started to quote the script without even trying. But when I can do that with a movie, I still feel a little weirdly obsessive.

Then, we watched Kung Fu Panda. Which is also a really good movie. Lol. It’s been a nerdy, lazy Sunday, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mom talked about going to see Rango, which is in town. My friends who have seen it said it’s really good, so I’m looking forward to that, if we do end up going.

Well, here’s the food, and then I’m off to do facebooky things and listen to old motown music on youtube.

+A pancake. With syrup.

+Spaghetti, with morningstar farms “ground beef”. If you’re out of the loop, morningstar farms is meatless stuff. They make all sorts of meatless meat. Lol. Like chicken patties, sausage, etc. Also, had two pieces of garlic bread.

+Leftover spaghetti, with one piece of garlic bread.

I also had several almond bark covered frozen strawberries, some popcorn, and a bar mom made with the last of the orange marmalade. And a fun dip.


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