Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty four?

~The Beatles

Well kids, it’s day 64, and I have conveniently put off both this blog and my art blog until just now. I still have to throw something together for my art blog. I think I’ll make a beatles wallpaper that has to do with birthday, since that’s today’s art theme.

Today has been okay. I discovered I’m addicted to the song Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons, so there’s that.

Since it’s my brother’s spring break, as well as mom’s (she’s a teacher/librarian at a HS, in case you didn’t know), it didn’t feel like Monday.

I spent most of the day lounging around at home, which is nice sometimes, but it gets old. I still haven’t gotten  used to this daylight savings crap, so it’s only 9pm and I’m starting to get tired. Although I’m nowhere near as tired as a couple friends of mine, Katie and Patricia. They spent basically all day waiting for Patricia’s sister to have her baby. I got a text at 5:30 this morning. Her sister went into labor at 2am and didn’t finish until an hour ago. Oy.

I am so not cut out for that crap. I love kids, and I’d love to babysit, but kids of my own? I don’t know. I may adopt some day, but I’m almost thinking that I’m not meant to be responsible for children. That might change when I get older and my life is a bit more stable, but for now… I’m glad I don’t have a kid.

The most exciting parts of my day were when I went to the library with mom, and when the family went out to eat at Applebees. Mom, my brother, and I got the fish and chips. Dad got some sort of burger.

It was great fun. We’re almost never all together, the four of us, so it was nice.

But honestly, the fish and chips was more food than I planned on. It came with five pieces of breaded fish, and fries, and coleslaw. Didn’t touch the cole slaw, but I only ended up eating two and a half pieces of the fish, and a few fries. I can get another two meals out of my leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers, let’s get on with the food, and then I can make today’s entry for my art blog.

+Was non existant. I just wasn’t hungry this morning. I had a cafe au lait (coffee with milk) here at home and that was it, really.

+A sloppy joe, using only one slice of bread (It was a bit larger than normal so I broke it in half and used that to put my sloppy joe on), with some chips, and some raw spinach leaves and lettuce.

+The stuff at applebees, along with two diet mountain dews. I really need to stop drinking soda. I have a feeling it’s one of the things holding me back from losing any weight. I don’t have to use a bra extender anymore to fit into my two newest bras, but I haven’t lost any weight as far as the actual pounds go. The scale refuses to budge.

In the coming days, I’m going to be better about what I eat. This week, being spring break, may not be super amazing, but after that… I’m only going to eat one snack a day, and I’m going to try my damnedest to not eat after 8 or 9pm. Also, I’m not going to buy soda regularly. I’m going to drink more tea, and water.

I love soda, so I’m not giving it up completely, but I am going to drastically cut back. Also, I’m going to keep riding the exercise bike, so I can get back into shape for riding my real bike, once the weather gets warm enough.

Well, I’m off to create today’s art blog entry, so I’ll talk to you later.