Day 66

Well kids, it’s day 66, and for once, I didn’t spend the majority of my day on the computer.

Nope.  I got up at about 6:30, and took a bath. My mom, my brother, and I left about 7:30 or after, to head to my grandparents’ house. We spent the day just hanging out. We ate lunch there. A little while after lunch, my brother and I walked to the general store to buy some candy, and to get mom some large pearl tapioca.

The weather was gorgeous out. I loved it. It felt like spring for the first time this year, really.


+A bowl of raisin medley honey bunches of oats. And a glass of orange juice.

+Bratwurst, pea salad, mashed potatoes. Also had a pumpkin bar, and a cherry bar. As well as some general store candy.

+Grilled cheese sandwich, with a cup of tomato soup. I also ate the like, half piece of fish I had left from eating at Applebees on Monday.

As for the rest, I ate like three cookies, and a few pieces of candy.

I’m drinking a can of Peace Tea right now.

My show, Off the Map, is on tonight at 9, so I’m excited for that. In all honesty, though, I’m a bit tired, so if that show wasn’t on, I’d be seriously considering going to bed early.

Anyhoo, I’m off to catch up on some of my facebook apps. TTYL.