So I called up the Captain, ‘Please bring me my wine’. He said, ‘We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine’

-The Eagles.

Yep. Day 69.  Not nearly as dirty as it might sound, I’m afraid. XD

Today was a pretty good day, actually. I was up until after 2am this morning, so I didn’t wake up until like, 9am or so.

My brother went to hang out with friends in the morning, but spent a majority of the day at home, seeing as it’s his last night home for spring break. Tomorrow we’re driving him back to college. Granted, that’s not even a 2 hour drive, but still, it’s a drive. XD

My brother and I went for a walk today. Mom needed to buy some parmesan cheese for the lasagna we were going to have for dinner, so my brother and I volunteered to walk to the store.  It was pretty nice. A tad windy, but nothing on me really got cold, aside from my hands.

+A bowl of cereal. Generic graham cracker square cereal. Lol.

+Two pieces of breaded fish, with a little bit of lettuce, a little bit of cole slaw, and some chips and A&E party dip.

+Homemade lasagna. With two pieces of garlic bread.

Also, I had my last piece of caramel apple pie, and three sugar cookies. I also had a few malted milk balls and 2 pieces of dried mango. Also, I had a small bowl of popcorn.

I’m off to do random internety things and fry my brain by mindlessly browsing See you later.