Day 70.

Yeah. It’s day 70. Woo hoo.


Whatever. I’m not happy, sad, bored, depressed, any of that… Okay. Well maybe bored. What I mean is… I’m just kind of here for today’s entry. I don’t care, but I don’t NOT care.

If you are high or perhaps a little drunk, that might make some sort of sense.

Anyway. Today was yet another pretty good day. It began in the morning sometime (obviously, lol) but I don’t remember when. For the second night in a row, I was up until at least 1am chatting on msn, so I probably woke up around 9 sometime. We ate waffles for breakfast as a family, then we basically sat around and chilled out. My parents and brother watched a movie, but I didn’t feel much like watching, so I stayed on the computer.

Then, we ate cheeseburgers for lunch and talked a bit. Then, mom and I went off to take my brother back to college. We stopped for iced green teas at Panera on the way home. If I lived in Cedar Falls, or around some other Panera, I would go there alllll the time. They have good stuff, and their atmosphere is just really awesome. I like it. XD

And now… here I am. I can’t see my evening getting any more exciting than it is right now… although I had hoped to possibly hang out with someone, but we weren’t for sure if we could, so it’s not like he’s cancelling on me again.

You know.. there are some things that you just have to put up with in order to have a relationship with someone. I don’t just mean romantically, I mean with family or with friends either. There are things they do that can get a bit irritating, but you have to put up with these little things in order to have that person in your life.

I am willing to believe that he’s just having really bad luck and that this isn’t how he’s going to be all the time just because that’s what works for me. People shouldn’t worry that I’m going to be hurt or taken advantage of because I know what I’m doing.

If it doesn’t turn out with this guy, yeah, I’ll be disappointed, but my world isn’t going to implode. If it turns out, great. I would like it to, but my point is that I’m not so emotionally invested that it would kill me if it doesn’t work. I mean. I had to get over a crush on him three years ago. If I’ve gotten over him once, I can get over him again.

Still. I don’t want to. XD

Anyway, I can see I’m rambling, so now, the food.

+A waffle, with syrup.

+A cheeseburger, on sandwich thins (WHY do I write SANDWISH every time I try to write sandwich? WTF) with some chips and A&E party dip. OM NOM NOM. Had banana cake for dessert.

+Leftover lasagna, with a piece of garlic bread. I had a piece of banana cake and two plain sugar cookies for dessert. XD

Now, I’m drinking a cup of chamomile tea. I can’t see myself eating anything else tonight so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Next week, it’s back to the daily routine. Riding the exercise bike in increasing increments  so that by the time the weather is nice, I will be able to bike around town without wanting to pass out. I’m going to start at 20 minutes tomorrow, just because I didn’t really get to ride the whole week. But I’ll be adding five minutes every day, so that by this time next week, I will be up to 50 minutes a day.

All this in preparation for my summer bike riding. Which I do a lot of. Also… as soon as the weather gets rid of this soggy, muddy crap, I’m going to be riding my bike every day, and spending a lot less time on the computer. I mean. I’ll still be on it every evening for a few hours, but this summer I am taking full advantage of the weather, and more.

Also… I’ll be seeing if I can get my summer job again, but I’ll be asking for a shitload of hours. I don’t think I’m in the municipal band this year because I haven’t gotten a schedule in the mail (usually, we get one around Christmas). At first I was offended, but then I realized I can make a lot more money if I just dishwash at PM Park. Also… the muni band director hates me. He hated me when he was my band teacher in HS, he’s hated me for years. Also, despite telling me I’d get a vocal solo again, it has probably been four or five years since I’ve gotten one.

I am going to miss playing my clarinet and getting paid for it, but… I think I enjoy working at PM Park more anyway. I just hope my boss can give me a bunch of hours. I’ll work every day, as early as they need me. I don’t care.

Anyway, I’m off to do facebooky things.