Day 71.

Yeah, I’m feeling a bit lazy with the titles.

Also… I’m going to be a bit lazy with this entire entry. Normally I’d have written it already. I find it’s when I’m writing an entry at 11 pm or later that I get lazy with it. I just want to hurry and get it written before midnight. XD

Today was… eh. Not much happened.

Dad went to a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I took advantage of the time alone in the house to watch Ponyo. My movies at the library were due today, and I didn’t walk to the library to return them because I thought I could ask mom to drop them off before we went to our Pflag meeting tonight, but I forgot. So there’s a like, three dollar fine I won’t be able to pay. And I’m already at my limit.  They let you rack up five bucks in fines before they stop you from checking shit out. That makes my total like, eight bucks. I can’t check anything else until I pay back at least three bucks. Luckily the books I have checked out aren’t due for another two weeks.

Still. I got really mad at myself for forgetting. Anyway. Back to my day.

So… I cleaned the bathroom, folded laundry, did dishes… that fun stuff. Mom and I went to a Pflag meeting at 7, and that was fun… except for the part where mom told me off for taking pictures of the speaker (as in, the person speaking, not the like, music speaker). I was at first thinking I was going to take some great pictures and post them to facebook. What I wasn’t considering at the time was the whole “what you say in this room stays in this room” policy they have at Pflag, to make it a comfortable environment to share things.

Still. It wasn’t like I was going to tell people what she fucking said. Mom got really angry at me. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but she got mad at me for telling her to chill out. She also told me off for taking pictures of people while they weren’t looking.

Uh… that’s my favorite time TO take pictures of people. I don’t have much of a success rate for decent shots when I take pictures of people that way, but… I like how they’re acting natural. Yeah, there’s something to be said for photographers who have their subjects pose and shit (and I do some of that too) but… I like taking pictures of people acting naturally.

Still. We got over that pretty quick. So… we were headed to Target on the way home to pick up a gallon of milk and some sugar and… mom ran a red light and basically almost hit a car. Thank god mom’s car has decent breaks, because we were literally inches from hitting the car that was turning at the time.

I mean, we got over it quickly, but it just freaked me out.

This evening has just been uncomfortable. I did a load of dishes at like, 11, and I was afraid my dad was going to burst in the kitchen and tell me off for doing dishes so late, like he has before.

Uh… why do you care, as long as I’m doing them? Wouldn’t you rather I got one step ahead of the dishes for tomorrow? Don’t you like when there isn’t a big counter full of dishes when you wake up in the morning?

But… all he’d say is “You should have done them all earlier” because that’s always the answer. Well you should have finished such and such up before. No. Don’t thank me because I’m actually doing something. Please, bitch at me for doing it at a time that you don’t like.

Whatever. It hasn’t been an issue lately, but… Yeah. I’m in kind of a bad mood.

Before I forget, here’s the food.


+A turkey lunchmeat sandwich. Yes, I’m weird.

+Another turkey lunchmeat sandwich, but this time, on sandwich thins instead of pieces of bread. I also had a few taco chips and some salsa/sour cream.

+Some leftover chicken rice stuff, a few chips, and the last of the chip dip.

Also… I had a few cookies, a granola bar, and a small piece of leftover fish from when we went out to eat at Applebees last week. I think they’re my brother’s leftovers, but I think I’m going to go ahead and eat them, since he’s going to be at college for at least three weeks, and they’re certainly  not going to keep for that long. XD

I’m off to attempt to lighten my bad mood with some random intarwebz browsing now. TTYL