Day 72-73.

Do not blame me. I went to update this yesterday and fucking wordpress was in read only mode.

I took the liberty of writing down my food on my facebook notes, so you can see yesterday’s food there.

Today, you’re going to get a rather stripped down entry. Mainly because I spent an hour and a half watching a live Duran Duran concert on youtube, and I was setting up a new account on Gaia, stealing a lyric from a new Duran Duran song. XD So I’m sure there will be a few Duranies mad at me if they try to register with that name.

Oh well. Some bitch stole my Blue Silver name. I had it first, then I changed it a few times. The bitch stole it while I was off frolicking with other names. XD

Anyway. The food. Then I’m back to diving back into my Duran Duran obsession. It’s been far too long ❤

+Leftover chinese from a frozen pack. It was broccoli beef, but it was mostly rice. Everybody takes more of the good stuff and leaves the rice. XD

+A lunchmeat sandwich, with a few taco chips. No salsa or anything.

+Potato soup from a package, with some fresh broccoli thrown in. And, a couple pieces of homemade cornbread with parmesan cheese in it. You could hardly tell though. It works better when we get the shredded parmesan, versus the grated powder we have now. XD

Shut up, chrome spellcheck. I am not capitalizing parmesan. FU

Also… I had a bowl of cereal. God damn. What else did I have? That literally might have been it. I didn’t eat that much today. I also got in 25 minutes on the exercise bike, so there’s that. I might try for half an hour tomorrow, if I get any time alone in the house. But…. there’s a store downtown that’s looking for part time work, and I should really go apply for that. If so, walking to and from that would be my physical exercise for the day, but I may still ride the exercise bike.

Depends on how my knees and back feel. They’ve really been bothering me lately. I need to step up this fitness, getting healthier shit. This is not how 24 year olds should feel.

My knees and my back hurt almost all the time. It’s gotten to where I don’t rate my days as having pain or being pain free. It’s to what degree am I in pain.

Case in point? My knees hurt so bad that I had to stop in the middle of writing that last sentence so I could go grab some tylenol.

But I’ll rant about that some other time. Maybe when the weather gets better I can take mom and we can hunt for the free clinic in Mason City, because I can’t go the rest of my life without getting some of this shit looked into, or I’ll be a complete invalid by the time I’m 35 or something.

Well, I have 9 minutes to put a fucking art blog entry up so I’d better go do that.



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