These beautiful colors, infinite patterns are what I see. And though we’re all the same stuff, there’s not one of you who is the same as me…. {Day 75}

-Beautiful Colors, by Duran Duran

Hello hello and welcome to day 75. Today I’m on top of things and writing this entry earlier than I normally do, so hopefully it won’t sound so rushed and half assed. XD

Today was a fairly good day, despite not a whole lot going on.  I spent a couple hours this morning setting up a bunch of my pictures on deviantart as prints available for purchase. I hope it’s not a futile attempt to collect money to see Duran Duran. XD We’ll have to see. I would really, REALLY like to be able to see Duran Duran, but if my efforts fall short, I can always use whatever money I save to see Def Leppard and Heart this summer.

I discovered why I am not going to have an etsy. I began to set one up this morning, until I discovered you have to have a credit card, AND pay to be a selling member. If I’d have known that beforehand, I wouldn’t have bothered to register.

I got a little peeved at them. If I had money, I wouldn’t need to be feverishly contemplating ways to raise quick funds. Speaking of which, I have some bottle cap pins I’ve made that are currently for sale.

Please check it out and contact me if you are interested. Five of them are already spoken for, but if the ones you want are free, I’ll be glad to work something out. I take cash, but you would probably be more comfortable with sending a money order, I’m guessing.

Also, any of the drawings you see in my deviantart gallery are for sale if I still have them. Also, if you’re a dA member,  a number of my deviations are available through dA’s prints service.

I apologize if I sound like a desperate beggar woman, but that’s pretty much what I am right now. I still haven’t asked my parents if they’d be willing to front the tickets and have me pay them back double. I’m understandably a little iffy about asking them.

BUT. I am on the waitlist for AmeriCorps. I basically have to fill out a few forms and send to them, and meanwhile they’ll be conducting whatever background checks they do on people. I mean. Maybe my parents would be more willing to do it now that I’m making an effort to do something with my life. I’ve also decided I’m going to do what should have been done before and be better about doing things in the house and I’ll try to curb my attitude.

I mean. It looks a little bad because I’m willing to do all this stuff conveniently around the time that I really really want Duran Duran tickets, but… It’s not just because of that. It’s because I really should have worried about this stuff before. Sometimes I just need a little motivating factor to get me started.

This isn’t going to be one of those things that strive for only until I get the reward at hand. I hope to keep this going.

Anyway, this is way more banter bs that you’re used to so let’s just move on to the food.

+A piece of soda bread. It was kind of thick. Not as thick as two normal pieces but probably equalled one and a half.

+A piece of leftover lasagna. Nothing else. It was technically dad’s piece but he didn’t want it.

+A piece of fish coated in crushed up taco chips, with some corn fritter stuff. It had the same stuff in it as corn fritters, but it was a spoonable side dish dad has had at work.

Also, I can safely say the only other stuff I’ve eaten today was the last piece of soda bread (small because it was towards the end). I’m in the process of eating some frozen banana slices, and I’ve got a fun sized snicker bar sitting on the desk right now, but I will not be eating anything else tonight. You can quote me on that.

Well, I’m off to contemplate ways to raise money for myself, and to put together an art blog entry for today.