Nobody knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

-Duran Duran

Yep. Day 76.

Sorry for putting this entry off. To be honest, I had a little bit of a brainfart and for some reason though I had already updated today until a friend of mine mentioned it in an msn instant message. Then I was like, OH, crap, I didn’t update that today after all. XD

Today I’ve decided something though. Starting on Monday, I’m going to really step up my game here. It was during an ill fated session of trying on clothes at kohls that I just decided that I’m tired of being a disgusting fatass. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of not fitting into the clothes I like. I’m tired of being okay with the fact that I wear an extra large in shirts and a size 20 jean. No. That’s not okay anymore, and starting next week, shit is going to change.

No snacks. None. Not unless they’re fruit. After our 2 liter of Dr Pepper is gone, I am going to be lucky if I drink soda twice a month. Also, I’m going to drastically cut back on the amount of meats and cooked foods I eat.

I’d go full whack and go veg, or even for a raw diet, but we all know I could never survive without bread, or cheese. I was pleased to realize, however, that the guacamole recipe I make isn’t just vegetarian, it’s vegan. No animal products in it whatsoever. So it makes me feel better that even if I do go veg or vegan,  I can still have my guac. Lol.

I don’t know. I tend to freak out when I hear a recipe is vegan…I don’t know. I like my milk. And eggs. And cheese. And I would prefer not to have to subsist on like… TVP, tofu, and agave nector for the rest of my life. I don’t know.

Still. I don’t think I’m ever going to go fully veg or vegan. I might go to where I’m mostly vegetarian but have meat once or twice a month. Or only on special occasions, like Thanksgiving. I’m willing to give up some stuff, but I am NOT eating tofurky on Thanksgiving. No. XD

All I know is, I want to lose weight and I need to lose a lot of it.

+An english muffin with some butter, and honeycomb honey.

+A tuna sandwich (half a can of tuna), and the last of the corn fritter dish .

+A lunchmeat sandwich. Also taco chips, and some homemade guacamole.

Also today, I’ve had a fun sized snicker bar, a bowl of cereal, and some plums.  I’m hoping my sense of guilt will keep me from eating anything else, and considering the fact that it’s like, 11pm, I should be okay.

Anyway. I’m off to MSN chat and do facebooky things until I decide to go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Nobody knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

  1. That sounds all good….i have a hard time not eating meat a few X a week at least lol…well, almost everyday if I think of it….but I could never live w/out cheese and I envy you he honey- best kind…

    • It’s just hard to avoid eating meat. I mean, there are the off days where we eat like, a pasta dish or something that doesn’t include meat, but usually meat is present in every main meal we have.
      Me cutting back on meat and eating more veg is not only going to be good for me, it’ll save the parents money. Especially if I get a little garden growing in the summer. XD

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