How to begin? Do I shed a skin now that I am starting to remember? {Day 77}

-Duran Duran.

Well kids, the sun is setting on day 77, and you should probably get used to seeing Duran Duran lyrics used as journal titles, because I’ve become quite smitten with DD again.

I also can’t stop thinking about that concert on like, April 22nd. I’m just… feeling down about it. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get tickets, even if my parents do agree to help me out

But I just don’t see why they would agree to something like that. I’m a fat ugly 24 year old living at home, who struggles to do anything productive with her life. Sometimes I barely have energy to do the few measly chores that mom asks me to do every day.

Also? My parents pay my student loan payments because I don’t have any money. They already bitch that I cost them too much and eat too much of their food. The people from the Iowa department of revenue keep calling our house about the huge 1800 dollar fine I have that I can’t afford to make payments on… I mean.

I cost my parents enough money and annoyance, so I don’t know that they’d be willing to buy me tickets. Plus, I’d have to cost them even MORE money and annoyance because they’d have to drive me to and from the concert.

I’m going to try to stay positive overall and hope that somehow, some way, I’ll get to go to the concert, but… I don’t know. I’ll just keep hoping.

Maybe if I don’t get to see them this time, there will be a next time.


Today… Today was weird. I woke up at like, 8 or so, and before I even went to the bathroom, I had done up all the dishes. Not sure why. I just didn’t want my parents to be able to bitch that I hadn’t done them. Mom made breakfast, which was just fried eggs and hashbrowns, but it was good. I did up the dishes after we were done eating.

We basically sat around until mom started making lunch. I asked if I could help but she didn’t need me. I did up the dishes after lunch too, instead of leaving them set. Hey. It’s the proper thing, plus it could get me brownie points with my parents so it’ll be easier to ask for help with DD tickets. Lol.

I then took a nice long bath while listening to my Pop Trash cd (seriously, it’s one of Duran Duran’s best albums I think), and after that… I was bored. I wanted to go somewhere. So I went for a little walk. It felt like I was gone for ages, but I wasn’t even gone for two hours. I took pictures, trespassing on people’s lawns to do so.

I finally made it to Econo Foods where I debated on buying more soda, but decided on buying two avocados. I love making guacamole. I just made some like, yesterday, but I wanted to make more. It never stays in our house very long. Mainly because it’s not only good on chips, but I like using it as a spread when I make sandwiches. I’m really weird.

I got back home and made the guacamole, loaded pictures off my camera, sat around, and ate dinner.

Before I ramble any more I should probably get to the food.


+Two eggs, over easy, and a few hashbrowns.

+A soft shelled taco with a whole wheat taco shell. Filled with ground beef, refried beans, lettuce, and garnished with some salsa and lowfat sour cream. I also had a few taco chips on the side. I wanted a whole second taco, but instead I just ate a few taco chips dipped in a little bit of salsa.

+Taco chips, and refried beans, taco meat, and some guacamole that I made today. I also had a pear, a few grapes (some of them tasted kind of off, so it put me off eating any more), and a small hunk of chocolate almond bark. I figured it was a better alternative than eating a miniature snickers bar. I won’t be eating anything else tonight, save for a few mints.

I’m off to decide on a picture to use for today’s art blog entry, so I’ll see you later.

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