The Earth can be any shape you want it, any shape at all. Dark and cold or bright and warm, long or thin or small…{Day 79}

-Thomas Dolby, “The Flat Earth”.

Day 79.

I am only little less than 2 weeks away from having kept this up for three months.

It’s a really weird experience, blogging every day for that long. I would never have that much normal shit to talk about… If I weren’t food blogging (with the exception of my art blog) there’s no way I’d be able to force  myself to update every day.

Today was okay. At like, 9 am or so, I walked uptown. For my application to the AmeriCorps program, I need to be fingerprinted, and I didn’t know how much that would cost. I could have called the station and asked, but I needed an excuse to get myself outside, so I walked.

It’s 20 bucks. I asked mom about it and she didn’t really say anything. I know she’ll more than likely be willing to give me the money, but I just felt really shitty about having to ask. I mean, yeah, if I get into the program, it’s a 10 month program, I’ll be doing some good stuff, and I’d only get paid a living wage, but there’s no reason I couldn’t put some of that money away.

Still. Even after the 20 bucks to get fingerprinted, there’s still no guarantee that I’d be accepted into the program. I’m trying to be really positive about that, but generally being a pessimist, it’s hard. At this point all I can do is hope for the best.

So, after I popped in the police station to ask about the fingerprint pricing, I went to the grocery store. I seriously debated buying more soda, but I’m trying to cut back, so I avoided that. It helped that they were asking 1.50-1.80 for a 2 liter. That is outrageous.  No thank you.

I opted to buy a package of Neufchâtel cheese and some plain bagels.

That’s one tally under “Step in the right direction”. ;D

Dad got home before I got back from my walk, which didn’t really matter. Except that I’d have to wait until he went to work to vacuum the stairs. XD

After I got home, while dad was snoozing in his recliner, I made some barbecue sauce. Here is the recipe if you’re interested:

It turned out much better this time than it did the first time I made it. The first time it was good, but for one, I didn’t dice the garlic, I just kinda sliced it in thin slices. Also, this time, I let it simmer longer, so it would thicken up more. It was a bit thin the first time. This time though, it’s nice and thick. I really like it. I did fudge the recipe a bit and used only a teaspoon of chili powder, as we’re running low.

If you’re wondering why I made barbecue sauce at 10:30 in the morning, it’s because I was planning a great supper and wanted barbecue sauce for it. XD

So, after that, I just kinda chilled out. Did dishes. Got on the computer. That sort of thing. Dad left for work about 2:45. I got started on supper little after 30.

I made these french fries:

I can’t remember how many times I’ve made them that way. But it’s pretty awesome. This time, they did get a bit over done, but mom likes really crunchy fries, so no harm done.

I also made homemade chicken strips. First time making them, so I was pretty nervous, but they turned out pretty well. I don’t have a whole lot of experience preparing meat or poultry, other than chopping some veg and throwing the whole thing in the oven for hours. It’s an area I’d like more experience in. This summer I want dad to teach me to grill. XD

Considering my talent with anything dipped in flour and fried, it went really well, actually. Better than the fried eggplant slices, certainly. XD

There are no leftovers of the fries, because I only made 2 potatoes’ worth, but there are a few chicken strips left. I’m having trouble not going in the kitchen and sneaking one or two, actually. But I’m trying not to snack/graze as much, since a friend pointed out to me that my meal eating habits weren’t that bad, but it was the snacking that really got me.

It’s easy not to think much of something when  you just eat a tiny bit here and there, but eventually it adds up.

Well, I gather you’ve had enough of my inane chatter, so onward with the food.


+A half cup of mashed potatoes. Yes, I’m weird.

+A plain bagel with some Neufchâtel cheese spread on top (it’s like a lower fat cream cheese). There was a box of the stuff on sale for 99 cents. I love when stuff goes on sale because it’s close dated. I also had some taco chips.

+Homemade chicken strips, and homemade slightly overdone french fries. With homemade barbecue sauce. I also had the last shortbread square, and a small chunk of white chocolate almond bark. Also had a package of fruit snacks. Aside from tea or limeade, and maybe a breathsavers mint or two, I’m not having anything else tonight.

I’m off to do facebooky things, maybe chat on MSN, and then eventually to bed. You all have a good night.

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