And now you find yourself in ’82/The disco hot spots hold no charm for you/You can concern yourself with bigger things /You catch a pearl and ride the dragon’s wings

-“Heat of the Moment” by Asia.

Well ladies and germs, it’s day 82.  Today was a pretty good day.

I woke up at 7am again, but having gone to bed at a decent hour, I actually did eventually feel awake.

I didn’t really do much of anything. Laundry. Dishes. Watched a great episode of Law & Order today. The guy that plays Sadie’s manager in Across the Universe played this creepy doctor guy, and I was actually really impressed. I’ve also seen the guy in NCIS, although he only had a bit part. I wonder what else he’s in. XD

That was pretty much all I did today. Then at about 6:30 mom and I left home. I met a guy at the movies and we went to see Rango. It was actually really awesome. Funnier than I expected. I really liked it.

I don’t know. My mind’s kind of blank right now so I don’t really have much to banter about.


+malt o meal, with instant cappuccino mix

+A small, fist sized portion of steak, with some potatoes. Dad actually cooked for lunch, which he rarely does, so that was nice.

+Leftover steak, and potatoes.

Also, I ate a cocoa shortbread square, half a small shamrock shake (Mom had the other half), and a few jello egg halves (they didn’t really come out of the molds too well). I think that’s all I had today.

Also, today I discovered that I almost fit into all my size 20 jeans. I realize that size 20 is still a huge, grotesque size, but the fact that I was in 24s at my biggest is progress. I have a couple pairs of 20s that fit me perfectly, but all the ones I had from a few years ago are still a bit too tight to zip and button. But I can actually get in them all, so I’m happy about that. I plan on being better about my eating habits in the future…. or at the very least, exercising.

The weather was awesome today, but being that it’s April 1st, it’s still a bit iffy. Once the weather gets consistantly better, I’ll be outside all the time. Exploring at the lake. Biking to state park… It’ll be great.

I also plan on picking up lots of trash, and documenting what I find washed up at the lake shore, and towards the end of the summer, I want to write an editorial to the local newspaper.

We’ll see how that goes. I’m off to listen to George Michael songs on youtube. You have a good night now.


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