Day 83.

Well kids, it’s day 83, and I can’t say I’ve done anything remarkable today. XD I guess that depends on your standards for remarkable things. I did do a few things I guess.

Firstly, after 10, when the library opens, mom and I went into mark book sale books. Mom is on the Friends of the library committee or whatever they call it, and for a while now when she goes to mark the book sale books, I tag along to help. She prices the books, and since the tags she uses have the habit of falling off, it’s my job to put a piece of scotch tape over the price tag. It sounds like kind of a small part, but it saves some time when I do that, versus mom having to do it all.  Plus, I like to think it gets me brownie points with the librarians. XD

Anyhoo, when books have been sitting on the book sale shelves for ages, we donate them to the local second hand store. We stopped by to drop them off, then we actually went inside to look at stuff. They really have a lot fewer records there than they normally do, and I didn’t see any 45s. I really hope they don’t stop selling records because that’s the only damn reason I ever go that place, now that I’ve essentially stopped buying stemware.

I did find one good one, Georgy Girl by the Seekers. You may or may not be aware of this song.

But that’s what I’m talking about. The record did look a bit scuffed up but that song looked like it would play and considering that’s the only song by them I know, I’m all right with that.

I did see a really awesome stemware glass but they wanted three bucks for it, and I wasn’t going to pay that. XD Also I have no room for more stemware. I practically have half my collecting sitting out in my room because I have so little room for it.

Speaking of my room, I need to get rid of some stuff. I just have too much stuff for my room to look like anything but a spare closet we managed to cram a bed and a dresser into.

I do need to get it into some sort of order, though. This summer our oafish landlord will more than likely want to put new windows in my room (he’s done so with my parents’ room and several downstairs windows) so there has to be enough room in there for him to work.

That’ll be uncomfortable. Especially if he leaves a bunch of crap sitting in the room for days, like with my parents’. My parents couldn’t sleep in their room for a few days if I remember right.

Whatever. I have a while to worry about that.

Before I went off on a tangent, I was discussing things I did today. My parents went to dinner and a movie. I decided to go for a walk, and by the time I got up town, I had filled an entire plastic grocery bag to the brim with garbage. Nothing too shocking this time. Just a dirty diaper, beer cans, a couple of deflated balloons, a few of these neon plastic party cups (like the ones at college parties)…

The one thing that torked me off was this. There are a few public access docks scattered around town. Usually in between the expensive ass houses crammed by the lake. Okay, so in one dude’s backyard I saw a small pile of fuckin rusty paint cans.
That pissed me off like no other. I actually took video with my cell phone. I didn’t pick them up because I didn’t know if there was actually paint still in any of them. That would require special disposal. But honestly. If they have enough money to buy a huge house by the lake, and to drive fancy cars, they have enough fuckin money to dispose of that shit properly.

After throwing away my full bag of trash, I walked around town… and filled another half bag with trash. I went to the grocery store and walked around forever before finally deciding to buy a small thing of cottage cheese and a green bell pepper. Instead of soda. I’m making slow but steady progress it seems.

I’ve noticed something, too. When I walk past store windows and I can see my reflection, I don’t look all that different, but I think I look a tiny bit different. Well, if I can almost fit into all my size 20 jeans, then that means I am a bit different.

Still. My weight was holding steady the last time I weighed myself. I mean, I’d rather be only losing inches, rather than nothing at all, but I would like to lose pounds. I want to look GOOD.


+Bagel with cream cheese. Well, the low fat isn’t-technically-cream-cheese stuff which I am too lazy to look up the correct spelling of.

+Pork sandwich, with a few taco chips

+A cup of low fat cottage cheese, with chopped green pepper mixed in. This is what I bought today instead of soda. A little container of cottage cheese, and a green bell pepper.  :3 I did take the liberty of reserving half a cup of cottage cheese for me to eat tomorrow. That is, if dad doesn’t inhale it during his midnight fridge raid

Also… The only naughty thing I did today was I ate two bowls of cereal. And a granola bar. I really don’t feel bad because with meals, that’s all I ate today. Also, I walked around town. So there’s that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an art blog entry to throw together, and I’d like a glass of water, so I’ll talk to you all later.  🙂



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