In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. {Day 84}

~Margaret Atwood

Well kids, today was… weird.

Not even half an hour after I woke up, mom was doing dishes and broke a small dessert bowl. Then she decided she should yell at me for not having done the dishes the night before. I got really upset because, once again, it felt like both my parents were ganging up on me. Since the weather was supposed to be nice, that I would go for a walk. I brought along a couple plastic grocery bags so I could pick up some trash.

It was really gorgeous out. First, I ended up stopping at a public access dock literally a 3 minute walk from my house. They don’t have the docks put up or anything yet, but I went anyway.

I saw a strawberry shortcake blanket floating in the lake. I rolled up my pantlegs and fished it out. Also had to fish a glove out of the lake. Along with a bunch of this fucking green plastic cord shit. I see a ton of that crap washed up on the lake shore. I have no idea what it’s for.

After that, I walked to the next public access dock on that street, and I literally filled up the rest of that grocery bag from trash I found there. And… While sitting in the same spot I didn’t even have to fucking move, and there was enough trash to fill a grocery bag. That made me angry.

There are also probably seven or 8 plastic bottles I rescued that I’m going to rinse off with the garden hose so we can recycle them. I also managed to find a few redeemable cans and bottles. Honestly guys. Why would you throw out a pop or beer can/bottle? That would be like chucking a nickel onto the ground.

Anyhoo, after I filled the plastic bag with stuff, I went home, ate breakfast, and walked back to town. Just walked around town randomly. Then I went back home for lunch and to let my cell phone charge.

Then, after lunch, because it was so damn nice out, I decided to try and ride my bike. Didn’t get very far before I came home. I forgot to tighten the thing that keeps my bike seat from sliding down. Also, I found out my tires were almost flat. They’re supposed to be pumped to like 45 psi or so… They were at like 15. It was pretty bad.

It was much easier to ride after that. I am not as out of shape as I thought I was, thank god. I tried to ride my bike to the library about a month ago, and I damn near passed out by the time I got to the library. It was cold, my tires were flat, and my seat probably sank as low as it goes, which makes it a lot harder to pedal.

I was disheartened after that because I thought I had fallen so out of shape in a couple short months.

I don’t think it’ll take me very long at all to get back to where I was last summer and even more. I really want to get down to size 18 before Halloween so I can wear my senior prom dress.

Anyhoo.  I biked to the grocery store and bought a can of soda. Then I sat by the lake and drank the soda. Biked home after that.

Then I decided I would pack myself a supper and bike back to the lake to eat it. Well, I wasted time washing my hair, and doing the dishes. By the time I biked to state park, it was cloudy out and I feared it would rain. So I biked back home, and put my packed supper back in the fridge. I’ll eat it for lunch tomorrow, no biggie. So for dinner I ended up eating what dad cooked, which was awesome.

Also I found out someone who hasn’t texted me since November suddenly got his phone to work. I was happy about that but… I would have liked for him to text me when his phone started working again. Because who knows how long it’s worked now. Whatever. I’m not going to dwell on it.


+A blueberry pancake

+some of mom’s leftovers from when she and dad went to Applebees yesterday. Also had a piece of buttered bread.

+Fist sized portion of steak, green beans, and stuffing. With gravy.

Also I had half a tiny blueberry pancake, the last half cocoa shortbread square, and three graham crackers. And a teaspoon of peanut butter.  That’s it.

I’m off to finish my art blog entry for today.


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