All you need is now {Day 88}

-Duran Duran

Mesdames et Messieurs, I present to you day 88 of my food journaling.

I’ve just started reading a book called “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”, and it’s interesting but I don’t know that I agree with everything.

Like, the author suggests that for every meal, you like… never eat in front of the tv or with any “distractions”, eat your dinner off several plates instead of piling it all on one plate (she says French people can’t imagine having their whole meal piled on one plate). She goes on to say that if washing extra dishes seems like a bother, how does it compare with getting fat?

And that made me mad. Uh, okay. Maybe swanky, rich French people that don’t have to wash their own dishes are okay with eating a fist sized portion of food  each on like 4 different plates is fine.

With me? I wash all our dishes, except for the weekends when my mom does all the dishes before I’ve even gotten out of bed. I wash all the dishes. Usually my dad doesn’t eat dinner with us because he works 2-10 or 3-11.

If we all used multiple plates for every meal, we’d go through dishsoap too goddam fast, and it would just be a waste.

It’s an interesting read and I’m sure there are things that I can learn from it, but I just don’t know that I agree with shit like that. Also… Mom and I are the only ones who really eat dinner at home regularly, and we don’t always eat at the same time. I’m sorry, but it’s boring eating at the table all alone with no music or tv on.

But enough about that.

Today went fairly well. My back has been out of whack ever since lastnight, when mom and I went to Pflag’s weekly hangout and watched Cabaret (the only way to watch this movie is on a huge tv screen at a rich gay couple’s house, surrounded by gay people. I promise. )

I packed my lunch today rode my bike to the lake. I ate lunch at the beach while starting to read the book I discussed above.

I’ve also been working on cleaning my room. Or… getting it to look presentable. I’ve always wanted to take pictures of my room to show my friends on deviantart but… my room is in a constant state of disarray.  I’ll probably still have lots of crap stuffed under my bed, and in my closet, behind my giant foamboard poster of a Patrick Nagel piece of art (check it out, this is on the poster I have), but I would like my room to at least look somewhat presentable.

I rarely spend time in my room except to sleep. That’s mostly because I don’t like feeling shut away up in my room, and the computer is downstairs, but I suppose part of it is that my room is usually a mess.

And it always seems I fall into a vicious cycle with it too. Hours and hours will be spent getting it to look presentable. I take it for granted throwing a couple of things on the floor, but then little by little it gets back to its messy grandeur.

I always seem to think that “this time is the last time, this time I mean it” and obviously if that were true my room would still be clean but… this time I’m going to really try to keep it decent. I want to at least keep it in such a state that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have someone else see it.

As it is now, any chance of my friends coming to my house and seeing my room are pretty much non existent, but if I keep it halfway decent I won’t have to dread having people over. I don’t worry about it with Vanessa because no matter how bad I think my room has gotten, I guarantee you that she has seen it worse.

I know that this might seem like a lesson that most people learn when they’re teenagers, or even kids, but.. I don’t know.

I’ve always been slow. LOL.

What I mean is, it’s always seemed to take me a whole lot longer to learn things than it takes most of the people around me.

That has upset and bothered me for a long time, but I’m learning not to give a shit about petty stuff like that. As long as you learn something, does it matter that you learn it a little later than other people? I don’t think so.

Now, I’m obviously still pretty dumb in a lot of ways and I have a ton of progress I still need to make, but… I hate to use an old, cliche saying, but better late than never.


+bowtie pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce.

+A wrap with chicken, homemade barbecue sauce, and chopped green pepper. Also had some slivers of green pepper with a tiny bit of ranch dressing. And two graham crackers. And a small biscuit.

+some shredded pork mixed with the last of the homemade barbecue sauce and more green pepper, on a sandwich. Also had several large strawberries. I scaled down my supper to allow for possible snacking tonight. I still have three huge strawberries in the bowl that I was eating out of earlier, so I may eat those.

Anything to stop this annoying habit I have. You know where you bite the inside of your cheek? For some reason I’ve been doing that lately, and it’s really irritating but I can’t seem to stop. Maybe if I eat some strawberries it’ll get my mind off it.

But honestly I need to quit. I haven’t been able to use mouthwash for days now. I can still brush my teeth but the mouthwash we have (while it is alcohol free) still burns something awful and I can’t handle it with all this cheek biting. XD

Anyway, I’ve got an art blog entry to put together and some strawberries with my name on them, so I’ll talk to you later.


One thought on “All you need is now {Day 88}

  1. you got me thinking about what I eat now lol….lets see…

    one double cheeseburger from wendys, no condiments…

    one small leg of chicken, small scoop of peas, and a piece of bread. A little bag pf craisens (YUM) and a funsized snickers. 3 squares of hersey cookies in cream bar….

    thats everything. I have a bad habit with candy lately, its all I want to eat for some reason. I think Im doing good @ keeping it in control though.

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