the violence of summer / a love’s taking over / it starts with desire / ends up under cover {Day 91}

-Duran Duran

If you’re wondering, this is the song I quoted for today’s title:

Yep. We’ve made it to day 91.

Today was… weird. I didn’t get to sleep until 2am or so, but I still woke up before 8 I believe. I can’t remember. But I purposely got up early because I thought I’d be early enough to do the dishes before mom does them. On the weekends, she is notorious for having all the dishes done before I even get out of bed, and then bitching that I didn’t do them.

Such happened today. She said I could have done the dishes last night, before she got home. I don’t make a habit of doing dishes late at night because dad told me off once (saying something like ‘Why do you have to do dishes at 11 o clock at night, some people are trying to sleep’).

So, I tell mom why I don’t like doing dishes late. Of course, all she says is “Well some of those dishes are from dinner, you could have done them earlier”. It’s like… no matter what time I choose to do something it always seems to be the wrong time.

I mean, I got over that quickly but it just kind of pissed me off.

She gets kind of weirdly OCD about some things. Like where stuff in the kitchen goes. I mean sometimes, if she finds a damn spoon that got accidentally set in the wrong spot, she’ll go on about nobody knowing where shit goes and when I tell her to calm down and that it’s not that important, she’ll be all “YES IT IS blahblahblah” and write off my apathy as being lazy or something.

Sometimes, she freaks out over the littlest thing and then freaks out more when I tell her it’s not that big of a deal.

But enough about that. Like I said, I got over the incident quickly enough, as irritating as it was.

Mom and I left to do a little bit of shopping at like, 11am, that was fun. The sad part is, I’m most excited about the marshmallows we bought. Ever since dad brought home a bag of dark m&ms and a couple boxes of rice krispies earlier this week, I’ve been dying to make rice krispie treats.

Mom’s got to do something for work in the same city that my brother’s college is in, so she’s going to stop by and visit, which is a perfect excuse for me getting to make and or bake treats in the kitchen. Of course, it’s a plus when my brother shares the treats I make with his college friends and then they tell him how awesome said treats are.



+An english muffin, with a 1 egg sized small omelette on it, with some cheese.

+Turkey sandwich with some potato chips.

+Had a sandwich for dinner too, only the meat was some pork that I had to trim excessive amounts of fat off of. Our fridge is packed to capacity so we’re trying to eat leftovers and get rid of stuff.

As for everything else, I had some pudding with sliced strawberries and a little bit of whipped topping, and I had one of the cupcake sized pie shells with pudding, two strawberry slices, and a dollop of whipped topping on it. Also I’ve had a few of these really addicting breathsavers mints, a bowl of corn pops, and a piece of cheddar cheese. I think that’s all I had. Today was a decent day as far as food. I could have done better but I could have done a lot worse so I won’t worry about it.

Now, I’m off to listen to this song several hundred more times before I go to bed.


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