Day 95, because I can’t think of song lyrics to use.

Day 95.

Can you believe that? I’ve been doing this for ninety five frickin days.

To be honest, I’ve kept this up longer than I expected at first.  Too often I get into the habit of setting really lofty goals in terms of weight loss and exercising, and I’ve given them up at the end of a week.

While it’s very true that I have a long, long LONG way to go in terms of food and exercise, I have made progress. I mean granted, not as much as I wanted to make after being at this for nearly 100 days, but it’s a start I guess.

I won’t go too far with my rambling about my lofty goals for my weight. Right now all I want to do is be able to fit into my senior prom dress (which is a size 18) for Halloween this year.  I’m already nearly a size 20 so I think I should be able to do it.

I say nearly because some of my size 20 jeans fit and some of them don’t. Maybe it’s differences in brand, although most of the jeans I got back when I was first a size 20 are Zana Di so… maybe that’s why.

Whatever. All I know is that there is still a size 14 hiding in here somewhere and I’m going to get back to that person and wave her goodbye. Like I said I don’t want to ramble but right now I think my ultimate goal is to see if I can hit size 12. I think the smallest clothes I still have are 16s.

Whatever. I’ll worry about that when I get there. XD

Anyway, I saw Tangled today guys and it was SO GOOD.

It had heaping portions of Disney sugar and cheese, but it was hilarious, and I loved it.

It did bother me a tiny bit how skinny Rapunzel was, but it’s Disney, I’ve been bombarded by impossibly tiny animated Disney women since I was a kid so it’s nothing new. I just wish they’d make a fat princess.

Still. The movie was great. I’m going to put it on my christmas or birthday list. I won’t gush too much about it in case you haven’t seen it yet.

I have a feeling if that sort of thing had come out when I was a kid, I would have been really obsessed with it.

Anyway. Today was windy, rainy, and cold, so I didn’t go anywhere. With the exception of the grocery store with dad. I made him buy some kool aid packets. I’m going through withdrawls, having not had any kool aid since last summer. He was also nice enough to buy a green pepper for me (it was only 50 cents, but still). He bought me a can of soda too. And some plain bagels, but I didn’t ask him for those. I was just kind of witfully staring at their small price tag and wishing I’d brought enough change with me. XD

So that was nice. But the rest of the day I pretty much stayed in.

+Hot cereal (Cream of wheat I believe. Although by default I usually call all hot cereal “malt o meal”. )

+One egg, scrambled, but made into a tiny omelette. I scattered onto it the tiny bit of shredded cheddar at the bottom of the bag, and a bit of chopped green pepper. I toasted a bagel to eat the omelette on.

I have a funny story about that actually. When I went to take the first bite, a tiny piece of flaming hot green pepper fell down my shirt, and I can actually still feel where it landed. Sometimes having a giant rack isn’t all it’s RACKED up to be. HA!

+Some bowtie pasta, tossed in a sauce I made up at random. Started with a little bit of home canned tomato, added a couple teaspoons of flour, as well as some dried sweet basil, some garlic salt, and some black pepper. And a tiny sprinkle of italian herbs. Just for the hell of it. I resisted having garlic bread or something because I thought that would just be way too many carbs in one sitting.

I also had several really small cookies, and two or three rice krispie treats.

So today wasn’t the best. I realize that, and should the weather allow, I’m going to ride my bike all the more tomorrow.  Besides. I have a movie to pick up at the library, and I would like to check out a few more cartoon movies I haven’t seen for a while.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, I’m going to put on my brother’s dvd of the movie Hairspray and exercise my ass off. Which is good because I could stand to lose a bit of mine. XD


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