Day 98/99.

Fuck it. Again.

I could have sworn I posted an entry yesterday. Goddammit.

I can’t fucking remember what I ate  yesterday. Can’t fucking remember. I know for dinner we had chinese with some rice, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the hell I ate during the rest of the day. I didn’t eat very much, but I can’t fucking remember what it was. God dammit. Wait. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. I really hate that I forgot yesterday.

I guess this will be a post a day for a year plus one day. I mean. With 365 entries to be done, I knew I was bound to forget at least once, but goddammit. I really didn’t want to.

Give me a few minutes to swear some more and then I’ll get on with the rest of today’s entry.


Okay. Swearing over. And on with today’s entry.

+Some hummus and pretzels.

+Leftover chinese.

+Some chicken and refried beans, with some low fat sour cream, on a soft taco shell. I also ate a pickle.

I had a few dark chocolate m&ms, a few pretzels with hummus (other than breakfast), and I think that’s it. I might have some cereal later, but that would be it.

I really hate that the weather’s been shitty and cold because it’s kept me from getting to the library. Tomorrow I have an interview at Target in the morning, but if the weather isn’t too terribly awful I might try to bike to the library, just for the hell of it.


One thought on “Day 98/99.

  1. The last sentence reminded me of a friend of mine whom recently biked about 60 miles, 30 of those miles were biked in the rain. What a trip, I guess you should never allow the weather to get to you, after all, all it really is, is water + wind + sickness for a few days. Meh, doesn’t sound like it would be that bad.

    Cool blog by the way, lots of honesty, FaCK! haha

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