Well, kids, it’s day 101, and I’m going to get right on submitting this entry. Mainly because I still have a drawing to finish for today’s art blog post and I don’t want it to feel shitty and rushed like yesterday’s drawing did.

With that being said, I want to pretty much hurry up with this so I can get right on that drawing.

+Bowl of generic lucky charms.

+A salad, with salsa that was a bit too thin, so it worked really well for salad dressing. I also had a plain bagel with a teensy bit of butter.

+A chicken salad sandwhich, with lowfat pringles.

I also had a bowl of generic frosted mini wheats, a few pretzels and a few m&ms.

AND. And. The best dessert ever. Take some bananas and slice them up. Then stick them in the freezer until they’re good and frozen. Then, throw them in the food processor with a splash of milk, and POOF! Instant healthy “ice cream”. It’s literally better than ice cream, and I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. Granted, I did put a few little pieces of cookie dough in it, but honestly, I don’t feel bad about that at all.

I have a raging headache right now so please excuse me not wanting to type any more. It’s already going to be a fucking picnic having to finish the drawing for today’s art blog when my head feels like it is EXPLODING.

I’m off to take tylenol and work on that drawing.


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