Day 102.

And it feels like Friday. There is no school tomorrow. My mom is a teacher. So she’ll have the day off.

In the afternoon she’s driving to pick up my brother from college. He’ll be spending the weekend with us, so that will be fun.

I thought about going along, but we’re starting wave 1 of moving stuff back home from my brother’s dorm room. The reason dad decided not to go is so there would be extra room to pack stuff in mom’s car. So… I’m not going to go along, just so they have an extra seat’s worth of space for my brother’s stuff.

Today was kind of boring, except for the part where I made plum upside down cake. Dad had bought plums like at the end of the week last week I think, and half of them were rotten on the inside. It was fun. 😐

I vacuumed the living and dining rooms today, as well as doing numerous loads of dishes throughout the day. I also went running around shopping with mom.

Now, the food, and then I’ll be off to write my art blog entry for today, and change into some pjs. Not necessarily in that order. XD

+A bowl of cereal. I forget what kind.

+Chicken salad sandwich, with some cooked broccoli on the side.

+A thin sliced turkey sandwich, with some taco chips dipped in hummus.

Also, I had some jelly beans (jelly belly: OM NOM NOM), a piece of plum cake, and I think that’s it.


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