Day 105.

Uh… yeah. I’ve eaten too much today. I did go on a walk with my mom and brother, who walk too damn fast, and I did just manage ten minutes on the exercise bike but… it’s pretty safe to say that I need to kick exercising into high gear tomorrow.

I’ve been doing fairly well, but with all this candy, and the treats around the house… I’m going to need to get off my fat lazy butt and exercise.

Which is easier said than done, unfortunately. It’s easy to be all gung ho about this stuff when it starts tomorrow, but when tomorrow actually gets here, it’s more of a challenge.

Still. I’m going to stick with it. My mom starts work again tomorrow after the three day weekend, and my dad is driving my brother back to college, so I’ll have a few hours in the morning to get some chores done around the house, and outside. I figure I can have the morning to get some things done (and maybe do a dvd workout), and then when dad gets back home, I could go for a bike ride.

If it’s too cold tomorrow I’ll just do indoor workouts. I’ll be doing at least a couple hours of exercising, if not more.

Today was fun. We ate a big lunch consisting of ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, and corn. I didn’t have any of the sweet potatoes. Also we’ve been eating cookies and some candy throughout the day so… yeah. Today was fun but I feel kind of guilty about how much I’ve eaten. I did much better than I would have just a few months ago, but… I still feel bad.



+Ham, some corn, some mashed potatoes, a roll.

Several cookies, a cupcake, candy… I didn’t keep track of exact numbers. I didn’t gorge myself but I did eat more than I normally do. Which I feel really bad about.

My back and feet are killing me right now, and I’m tired, or I would probably still be exercising.

I’m going to end this entry because I have started to ramble and I’m not really making sense. Also I’ve got some fucking clothes to fold that I REALLY do not want to fuck around with right now but will just so mom won’t be able to bitch at me about putting them off.


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