Day 106

Well kids, it’s day 106, and I went for two bike rides and I lifted some hand weights while walking in place.

It hurts to lift my arms. XD

Which makes me feel better about the sweets I ate today.

I’m not really in the mood for a bunch of chatter, so let’s get on with it and get out of here.

+Malt o meal. (hot cereal)

+Some ham, mashed potatoes, and a roll.

+Party ham casserole.

I also had.. I want to say four cookies. Had two cupcakes. Some grapes. And a bit of candy.

I know. Today sucked.

But I did go on two bike rides, and lifted hand weights. My arms, legs, and back hurt. Because I also spent an hour and a half dashing around the kitchen cooking dinner.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to go for two more rides. Or just one big long bike ride. As well as perhaps lifting the hand weights at home again.

If my back is feeling better tomorrow I want to try a new workout dvd my mom just bought last week.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour myself a very large glass of water, and then get on with updating my art blog.

Have a good night.


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