Day 109.

I’m sorry guys. This entry isn’t going to be particularly peppy.

It seems again that I have entered into that oh so blissful week of chocolate/caffeine cravings, bloating, and cramps that I’m ever so fond of.  Right now I’ve also got a particularly thrilling headache and general grogginess to accompany my crampage. Times like this are the only times I’m glad I don’t have a job because there’s no way I’d be able to get anything productive done right now.  I feel disgusting.

I also think I have some degree of PMDD or something. I mean. I know a bit of moodiness is normal around that time of the month but… I don’t know. For a while now I just feel weird a few days before I get pms.

I just get a weird feeling like nothing is quite real, I get pretty spacy. I have trouble concentrating on some things and I just get an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Suddenly the simple act of doing a sinkful of dishes seems almost impossible. And my moods… Damn.  Usually the anger one is worse. I’ll get into that mood where the tiniest little thing sends me into a shouting, swearing rage.

I could go on but I really don’t fucking feel like it. I’m tired and in pain, and I still have a fucking art blog entry to put up that I REALLY don’t feel like goddam dealing with, so let’s get on with this shit so I can get it over with.

+ Hot cereal

+A small piece of meat (I think it was cube steak or some shit like that, can’t remember) with some mashed potatoes.

+A ham sandwich, with some mozzerella cheese and lettuce. I also had two hard boiled egg whites (I threw the yolks away), and some cheesy puffcorn.

Now, during the day, when my cramps were particularly awful, I got the munchies really bad. I ate some hummus on taco chips, and also probably like ten large marshmallows. And a package of fruit snacks.

That was a few hours before dinner.

After dinner, I had three stingy scoops of ice cream with some chocolate magic shell stuff on top. It was very tasty but soon after that my stomach just felt weird. Not because of the food, I don’t think, because my stomach always feels sort of weird during that time of the month, but… ugh. This stupid headache (which is probably more a result of my allergies), lightheaded feeling, this groggy bullshit, I just have no energy whatsoever.

I was, for a fleeting moment or two, considering getting up at three or four a.m. to watch part of the royal wedding, but there is no way in hell I’m going to give  a shit about that in the middle of the night. Not if I feel as shitty then as I do now.

I dunno. I’m not going to set an alarm for it or anything, but if I wake up and feel okay, I might go watch part of it. The more likely option, though, is just going to be me watching a replay of it later. Yeah… maybe it’s important or something but it’s not going to hurt me any if I don’t watch it live.

Anyway, off to throw together an art blog entry so I can go to bed. I feel like shit.


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