Day 111.

I was going to look up song lyrics to use for today’s entry, but I’m going to wait for a day that isn’t 111 to do that. Lol.

Don’t ask. I’m in a really loopy mood right now.

So, today I spent all day at my grandparents’ house with my mom and dad. It was great fun.

Mom and I went to the general store to buy tapioca, and some candy like always. We went to the grocery store where I got a flavor of Peace Tea that I’d never tried before (their tea+lemonade; it was really quite good. I’ve got some of it left in an old water bottle). The only qualm I have with those guys is you can’t reclose the container so you either have to pour it into a bottle or something, or you  have to drink the whole thing at once. LOL

Okay. Anyway. My grandma is a laugh riot. She really is. Today she was talking about some restaurant buffet where they serve chicken, and she was going on about how there were no chicken legs in the thing, so I guess she told the cook, or a different worker “Well don’t your chickens have legs around here?” and it was the funniest thing ever. My grandma is really assertive, she doesn’t seem to take anyone’s bullshit and she’ll come out and say things that most people wouldn’t. It’s hilarious.

I ate too much at her house, as always, although I restrained myself fairly well.

We ate a small dinner which was more like a snack and then we drove home.

Grandma sent some old coffee cups and some saucers home with us, which we didn’t really intend to keep (we’ll be donating them to the second hand store), and she also gave me some sort of flowering plant. It doesn’t have any flowers on it right now but if it gets a decent amount of sun it should be fine.

When we got home and were getting things out of the trunk, dad stepped on my left big toe so hard the nail cracked in two places and started bleeding so that was fun. It was probably my fault for being in the way, but it was like “GAH! DO NOT WANT”.

Despite that, after we put stuff in the house, I decided it was nice enough out and that there was enough light left to go for a bike ride. Dad bought donuts and in anticipating of eating one I figured I should do a little exercising. A little more than mom and I walking uptown (in the town where my grandma lives) to get stuff.

Anyway. Onward with the food. Dad is on the other computer so until he decides to log off I won’t be able to mess with any of my art blog pictures for today.

+A bowl of crunchy nut cereal (the flakes, not the cheerio type ones)

+Sliced ham, with scalloped potatoes. Also, some veggie salad with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot strips, that sort of thing. Also, some apples and tapioca. If you’ve never had apples and tapioca, you’re totally missing out.

Then we had bars… the sort with fruit swirled in them. Tasty.

+Ham salad on crackers. I had some more apples and tapioca. And a handful of potato chips.

Also, I had a few gummy worms, some gummy peach rings, a few of these sesame sticks we like to get from the general store, and when we got home I had a donut.

I’m off to listen to random songs and wait for dad to log off the other computer so I can upload today’s art blog pictures.


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