We’ll not fade out too soon / Not in this finest hour / Whistle your favorite tune / We’ll send a card and flower / Saying it’s a mistake

-Men at Work.

Well kids, it’s day 115 and my allergies are killing me. Despite that today has been good.

It was too cold and windy so I didn’t get to the library, but I’ll go tomorrow so no sweat. Literally. LOL.

I mean really. When I think back on my day, the only significant things that happened were… dad got his new arm chair. Mom is less than happy about that because it cost just a little more than mom wanted us to spend. She said the chair was dad’s father’s day present.

Speaking of which, dad got mom what I think is an expensive mother’s day gift. He won’t tell me what it is, but I have a few things which I think it could be.

For one, it could be a new cell phone. Mom commented on how she wished she had a phone that had a larger keyboard, as our texting keyboards are pretty small (my mom, bro, and me all have the same kind of phone).

For two, it could be a kitchenaid mixer. Mom’s wanted one for ages, and I’m not going to lie, it would kick ass to own one. This is probably the least possible one, because dad make comments about how a mixer everyone could use wouldn’t be a very good present… But he could have just told me that to throw me off.

For three, he mentioned a piece of custom made jewelry, because he said “If it were something like custom made jewelry she wouldn’t be able to return it”… all I know is that no matter how much dad spends, mom will think it’s too much. I just don’t him to have mom all pissed off at him.

I know I’m not really the best one to discuss the finer points of frugality with, but sometimes dad just goes a little overboard with gifts. He always spends more than the agreed upon amounts at Christmas.

I don’t know. Mom’s the one that tries to think about money and tries to save money, but she’s also the one who hesitates to spend money on herself when she deserves it. So dad’s spending more on her gifts and stuff could be him trying to compensate for that.


So, mom and I went to PFLAG movie night at this super rich gay couple’s house, and… damn. They have a humongous tv. This is the second time we’ve gone to movie night, and even if these guys didn’t have a huge, gorgeous house, it would be a blast. I enjoy myself there.

half a toasted bagel

shredded pork, in a whole wheat soft taco shell, with some taco chips. Also a little bit of salsa and sour cream

A bowl of rice krispies with added bunny marshmallows

Some hummus and pretzels

A few mixed nuts, a small piece of cake, some taco chips and guacamole, and a few dots at movie night.

Yeah. Sorry about the different font. I copy/pasted that from a notepad document
and got too lazy to change it.

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