You gotta be crazy baby…



Damn good song.

Well, it’s day 116 and to be honest, I don’t give a shit about this blog. I was about to go to bed, and then I was like “FUCK, I still have to write those stupid fucking blogs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy keeping these blogs but they’re a real fuckin pain in the ass when I forget about them until right before I’m about to go to bed. Dammit.

I even shut my computer off and everything. Fuckin A.

+A soft shelled taco.

+Nachos. It is Cinco de Mayo after all.

+Two very small pieces of pizza, and then some pretzels and hummus, because I was still hungry. And… a bit drunk. I’d had these four tiny bottles of wine, and got decently canned on those. Actually now that I think of it, I may have had five of them. I didn’t get omg super drunk, and I’m usually pretty good at estimating how much I drank.

Also, today I made these awesome oatmeal cookies with cinnamon buttercream, and I had three of those. So technically six, because each cookie is cookie, buttercream, and then cookie. Like a little sugary, buttery sandwich.

I did ride my bike to the library today so I don’t feel completely bad. And to be honest I’m still not completely sober so I don’t give a shit.

Anyway off to throw together a fucking art blog entry, then I’m goddam going to bed. I know it’s pretty lame that I’m going to bed so early on Cinco de Mayo but when you consider I was drinking from like, 2:30pm until like 5pm… it’s not that awful. Maybe if I’d started drinking an hour ago it would be lame that I want to go to bed already but…

I’m a super lightweight. Despite weighing what two normal people combined should weigh, I can get sufficiently drunk on not very much alcohol. I like it because it’s cheap to get drunk.

Also I’ve never been a party animal really. Even in bars, with the exception of playing a bunch of music on the jukebox, I generally prefer to stay in some seat tucked away from everyone else. I like observing from a distance, you might say.

Well anyway, NOW I’m going to half ass an art blog entry so I can go to bed. Even if I wasn’t drunkish, I am still bored as hell.

Also I want to go to bed early because tomorrow morning we’re going to move my brother back home from college and we’re leaving at 8 or 9 so… that basically means getting ready kind of early.


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