Day 118

I do hope you’ll excuse me for today’s shitty entry. I feel like shit once again tonight. Today was all right but not too long ago I just got this awful dizzy-ish feeling, I’m having another hot flash or some shit… I just feel like I need to lay down. I just have this blog and my art blog entry to throw together. I’m also charging my mp3 player so I can listen to it in bed.

Whatever. I want to hurry and finish this.

+A bowl of cereal.

+some shredded pork mixed with homemade barbecue sauce, on a sandwich. Also, some leftover french fries from when we went out to eat yesterday.

+Some weird guacamole (hint: make sure you use VERY RIPE AVOCADOS and don’t try to make guacamole before they are ripe) mixed with sour cream, on taco chips.

I also had a piece of super thin crush pizza, some dots, some twizzlers licorice, a cookie, and I think that was it. I can’t remember, and my head hurts too much for me to give a shit. I should mention I had some popcorn yesterday after I wrote that blog entry.

God damn my head hurts.


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