I need your touch, don’t need your love…

-Def Leppard

Well, it’s day 120 kids, and I was stuck at home for most of the day. This morning, it was dark, rainy, and the wind was insane.

Then, it lightened up a bit but it was still shitty out. The sun came out a few hours ago, just in time for it to get dark again. So that was fun.

Today was just kinda blah. I had to call to renew three movies I checked out at the library. I had intended to get out, but the weather was just shit, and considering I can’t drive… the weather has to be at least not thunderstorming.

I biked home in the dark, in a thunderstorm before, and that was like the most stressful bike ride of my life. I had to hold a flashlight in my mouth to see.

I had also intended to call the boss of my summer job today but that didn’t happen. Tomorrow it will for sure. The restaurant will be opening here shortly and I want to get as many hours as possible there.

I have a fine to pay off, but the one thing I want this summer… Okay the two things. The two things I want this summer are 1, a pair of black 80s sunglasses, and 2, tickets to see Def Leppard and Heart on tour this summer.

I have never wanted to see another concert more, except maybe the Duran Duran one I missed out on, but… It’s 50 bucks. Plus another 10 tops for the sunglasses, and that is ALL.I.WANT. this summer. The rest of the money I earn is going straight towards my fine.

But enough pining about that.  There’s really nothing I can do about it at the moment.

+Two very tiny pieces of breakfast pizza

+Chicken and rice. Mostly rice.

+A cheeseburger on sandwich thins, with some potato chips

Also, had a few twizzlers and I had a piece of rhubarb crunch

Now I’m off to play some facebook apps and listen to Def Leppard.


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